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Meg 442: Hate Campaign!

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There is also an interesting add for the next arc of Dreadnoughts called "The March of Progress"

Death Cap is not doing it for me but the rest of the Meg is top notch and flying high - and I’m even loving the floppy!

Colin YNWA:
Couple of duff notes in this one. Death Cap really should work but misses that vital ingrediant of a protagonist you can give a damn about. The action and ideas are excellent, the lead a cardboard cut-out. Diamond Dogs just utterly fails to engage me and I remember so little from last month that it just don't follow it, so barely read it this. One day a re-read might do the Warren Pleece art justice.

The rest however is a symphony. Dredd suddenly justifies the slow built with a burst of energy that has pulled the whole thing together rather nicely. Surfer's reveal isn't really a twist, as its been coming BUT it does it so well and the references in the art are nice. Its well crafted stuff and the tension is now cranked up and the execution of the final race has me giddly for what comes next.

Hawk the Slay in the floppy, a bit like Dredd pulls everything together to set up a thrilling conclusion and Henry Flint is an absolute artist maestro on this one. The text pieces are all well worth their place as well. Loved the catch up with 'one hit' wonders... even when that one might not have been a hit. Great article. As is the tribute to Ian kennedy.

The undeniable highlight however is Lawless. I'm not shy in screaming my love of this series from the roof tops and this thrill from the roof tops and this episode is one of those exceptional examples of why. Quick cuts between scenes help to pack so much in, but also serve to build the tension wonderfully. Its a comic timed to perfect, with fearsome eyes watch from the depths plots are hatched, intrigue and conflicit - all be it none violent - cranked up and then final page is the crash of symbols symbolising the thunder that's to come. Just exceptional stuff.

So there are a few duff notes, but they only serve to emphasize how good the rest of the stuff is.

The Lawless strip on my 2000ad app is all wrong! Not the writing, it’s set up wrong. Lots of small unreadable panels. Some kind of upload or configuration issue, I guess.

It’s only Lawless that’s like this but it’s a shame it’s one of my favourite strips!

I used to download the PDF but for months, whenever I log in to the shop I get a blank page and  “Whoops, looks like something went wrong.” So I used the app instead and… it has improved a lot from when I used to use it years ago. And now I get this issue and no other way to get the digital comic. Grr.

Oh well. First world problems and all that. Maybe a cookie purge will sort out the login issues.


--- Quote from: Mardroid on 18 March, 2022, 11:20:18 PM ---The Lawless strip on my 2000ad app is all wrong!

--- End quote ---

Download it again— it’s been fixed now.


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