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Dom Reardon 5 : 0 Simon Harrison

I love early Brendan McCarthy on Dredd, really dislike Zaucer.

Massimo is an absolute legend.

Brendan 2 : 3 Massimo

Mark Harrison has done some great work, but you know it’s Ron Smith we’re talking about here:

Mark Harrison 0 : 5 Ron Smith

Carter 0: 5 Bolland

Boo Cook 0 : 5 Kev O’Neill.

Just to add a bit of commentary.

Whilst Boo is technically brilliant I’m afraid I have never really warmed to his art. I find it “too cartoony” for Dredd and Anderson and Blunt is not one my favourite series, to say the least.

On the other hand, Kev O’Neill is an unquestioned 2000AD legend. His work on Nemesis is undoubtedly in the very top echelon of what Tharg has ever printed; then thrown in Ro-Busters and ABC Warriors and he is going to be hard to beat.

Boo Cook 0 : 5 Kev O’Neill.

So a though opening few holes for Googe; time for him to make his move on Amen Corner:

Googe 5: 0 Baikie

Gibson 5, D’Israeli nil.

I’m in the opposite camp to BPP when it comes to Leigh Gallagher; I much prefer his colour work on Kingmaker. There is just something about his black and white stuff on Defoe I can’t quite get on with.

As for Greg Staples, I kinda think I should like his work more than I do. Sure the covers he has done over the last ten years or so are just incredible and Dark Justice was just beautiful to look at. But it also seemed a bit stiff to me; his action sequences just don’t flow in the way that the do with artists like Carlos. And I guess you also have to consider the volume of work.

So over all I’m going:

Staples 3    Gallagher 2

General / Re: Dredd Epics Ranked - Better! - Full results
« on: 26 April, 2021, 06:08:09 PM »
The fact that the jumps up were largely bigger than the drops isn’t surprising as the format limited how far an Epic could drop. Its entirely possible some would have dropped more. In theory there was no limit as to how far an Epic could rise... as fans of City of the Damned will atest to.

That’s right. It’s also important to understand the format limited the number of epics that could rise significantly i.e in a pool of 8 only 4 could progress to the next pool. Those left behind in that pool could then only fight out the places in that pool. But there was no limit to how far a few favoured epics could rise.

Oh and I'll be introducing the next tourney...

Best Dredd Epic with the Word 'Tour' In the Title?

Thanks for all the fun Colin, looking forward to the autopsy.

Best story set in the cursed earth?

Other Reviews / Re: El Mestizo
« on: 20 April, 2021, 10:27:46 PM »
I've only just got around to reading this having owned it for almost 3 years.

So it’s not just me then....I’ve had since it came out, and I haven’t read it yet either.

Easy choice: The Judge Child The Apocalypse War.

Judge Child

Prog / Re: Prog 2228 - The Slayer & The Slain
« on: 18 April, 2021, 01:10:40 PM »
It reminds me of the end of Inferno. After an ongoing story that had lasted months, editorial decided enough was enough and there was then a one episode wrap up. In this case, Pat has decided to not do any more, and we get a page and a half “wrap up” to a saga that’s been running for 40 odd years.  It’s nothing to do with thinking Pat’s earlier stuff was better (even though it was). It’s just that it doesn’t really bring anything to a conclusion.  I think Colin described it well....it leaves the reader to imagine further adventures for themselves, if they so wish.

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