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I take the point about the Rammy coasting on old ideas, but they’re so well done, and McNulty is at the height of his comic powers so it’s still a great story. Whereas NoGo Job had too many tired dog jokes. (Although Simon Harrison’s rendering of said dog was indescribably and gloriously weird).
The Rammy, your Jameship.

Incident on Mayjer Minor all the way! Nothing to say that hasn’t already been said, it’s just a perfect SciFi western with great characters.

Mutes luck - mostly because the Sorry Case wound me up. I do like some Glum, too.

The Gronk Affair for me. Love those Weerds! This story is REAL nasty, mind.

Honestly, both these stories ran on way too long, and neither of them is top Dog. Guess I’ll vote Bitch because, fun as the Viking Saga is, any story that introduces as great a character as Durham Red deserves to be recognised. I still remember how naughty it felt at the time to run a story with that title, on the cover no less!

No fair! I love the Final Solution - well, the first big chunk or so - and would’ve voted for it against almost any other story. But Portrait is just something else. Boys Own adventures at their finest, and with some searing indictments  real world at the same time. Of all potential futures for Britain, this one seems scarily plausible, exotically the bigotry.
Portrait of a Mutant all the way.

Shaggy Dog Story

Yep, Mork Whisperer for me too. Sometimes, I like a happy ending.

Yeah, "monarchs are selfish bastards" jokes are more fun than "my dog" jokes.
Doc Quince Case wins.

Sorry Bobs is too irritating a character for my tastes - comedy of 'everything going wrong all the time' just not my thing.

Smiley's World, on the other hand, has that panel of Johnny with a bandage round his head shedding a magnificent tear for Wulf.

Smiley's World all the way!

Suggestions / Re: What if the Megazine had a different remit?
« on: 21 July, 2021, 10:39:15 AM »
I can't help but specualte that another reason why things tend to be Dreddworld related is that it stops the copyright / ownership problem from coming up. e.g. GRennie is happy to write (great) stories about the Angel Gang, who are both enitrely new characters but also not new characters - so he's clearly doing a work for hire job. See also Koburn and even El Maldito, who are homages to Rrebellion-owned properties. Whereas your Monsterology type stuff is wholly new and so something he (reasonably) wants to write and publish under a different model. At least, I assume this is what's going on.

Not sure why the 'creator-owned' slot has disappeared from the Meg, but perhaps it was becoming too expensive for Rebellion, or not attractive enough for the creators?

Not sure how this works for a strip like 'The Returners', which makes use of the idea of Judges and some of the locations from wider Dredd, but is, frankly, something entirely unlike any Dreddworld stuff. I guess anything with any sort of Judge/Mega City in it is automatically part of Rebellion's copyright, though.

General / Re: Comic and book storage ideas?
« on: 21 July, 2021, 09:19:50 AM »
That's a thing of beauty that room. Jealous!

Outlaw is INTERMINABLE. Sure, there's a lot of good stuff in it but even as a reader who only came to it in back progs, it just seemed to go on forever. I like the final showdown with the Stixes though. Journey into Hell, on the other hand, is super weird and fascinating. Sure, it's on odd duck in the Stront Universe but it gave us the Weerd Brothers, possibly my three favourite mutants, and for some reason the whole sequence with Mr Sun and Mr Moon has really lingered with me in the ay nightmares do.

Journey into Hell all the way! Who's with me?


Slavers of Drule, easy. Those half-built gigantic stone heads were some of the first bits of 2000AD art I remember seeing, and the story still ranks as one of Ezquerra's very best on Stront.

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