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I like that Mork Whisperer allows Alpha to get his end away (It can't all be about business, Johnny!) but there's really no contest here for me. Blood Moon is phenomenal, such a bravura story. Easily the equal of any classic-era tale you care to name. Also the only 2k story ever to feature my hometown of Winchester, so I think I'd have to vote for it just for that reason!

Shaggy Dog Story is... fine. But it's one joke stretched much too far, and not hugely memorable as a story. And such a damp squib of an ending - after all that, Alpha has to just let the villain go?!

Roadhouse was the first long-form Strontium Dog Story I read in its entirety, and made me go 'Ah, okay. I get it.' Oodles of fun, stuffed full of distinct characters, and in glorious black and white. It's Journey into Hell done right.

Film & TV / Re: New DUNE Trailer.
« on: 23 July, 2021, 10:12:40 AM »
looks glorious but I think they might have given away a bit too much of the plot?

I think unless you've read the book and can go 'Oh, that' s a reference to that bit', then it's all pretty vague, actually - just lots of portentous talk along the lines of 'They're coming after our family' and hints at a dynastic struggle/war.

Warzone isn't Grant's finest hour. As Buttonman says, it's basically a three-prog set-up for a weak gag.

I truly love The Doc Quince Case. I never really hear it talked about - literally never - but it's a taut, exciting little thriller that's also quite sweet, and pretty funny. What's not to like? BLAT!

Smiley's World does an excellent job (and in only two episodes) of setting up the whole of Rage, and the funeral of Wulf Sternhammer is a gut-punch - but it's too much of an epilogue to The Ragnorok Job to stand as much of its own thing.

I'm going for A Sorry Case, a fun little four-and-done story of a type which I could have stood to see a lot more of (even if it's a bit weird not to have Carlos on art).

'Rage' was Alpha killing a defenceless man who had a bag on his head.


I've never much liked Journey into Hell. It's a messy, meandering tale that takes a long time to get nowhere in particular. It very much feels like Wagner was making it up as he went along. I much prefer the 'take two' of Roadhouse, it has to be said. So I'm voting Outlaw for this one.

Got to be Rage, hasn't it? One of the defining S/D stories, (even if it maybe takes a while to get anywhere) . I don't really rate Judgement Day, either as a Dredd epic or as a crossover, and Johnny doesn't get a whole lot to do in it.

In fact the only bit of Judgement Day I rate is when Dredd asks a still-grieving Johnny about Wulf - 'Where's the fat creep?'
'He had a name, dammit! It was Wulf Sternhammer!'
'Huh. That's his problem.'

Oh how I would love to buck the trend here. Unfortunately, Galaxy Killers just doesn't have a lot going for it - Sergeant Kark is hilarious, and begins Wulf's cucumber obsession; we get to see Johnny, Wulf and the Gronk sharing a bath... and that's it. And if that's the best you can say of a 9-part story, then something's gone wrong.

Slavers of Drule, then, even if it may just be the Stront tale I can remember least about.

The Stone Killers has all the ingredients for a classic - Durham, Middenface, some distinct baddies, callbacks to the past with the legacy of the Stixes... but it just feels a bit tired and by-the-numbers. I'm not sure Grant's heart was really in if by this point.

So it's The Killing for me, an avowed classic.

I assume the 1981 annual has a Stront story but I have no details. I seem to recall they are in the Stront files, but I don’t own them.

Nothing's been missed, the 1981 Annual just has a Stront text story.

Assuming that first story isn't in the running, then...

Well clearly Top Dogs is the, ahem, top dog here, but as I think most votes are going to go the same way - 'Can't remember these, I'll just give 5 for Top Dogs' - I'm not actually going to award it anything.

2 points: The Beast of Milton Keynes - A lovely, sweet little tale that features Billy Glum and the MK ghetto with Carlos on art. A shame it was hidden away in an annual as it's the equal of any 'proper' prog tale and is clearly canon (Johnny and Wulf's first trip to Milton Keynes, following Mutie's Luck).

2 points: The Sad Case - Unbelievably one of only two outings for Kid Knee Sr, this was only the second or third Stront story I ever read, and totally hooked me. Hilarious, too. Forever to be 'The one with the sex doll head.'

1 point: Incident at the End of the World - Totally weird little story, but something about it really appeals. I love Keith Page's freaky troll-things, although (conversely) I think if Carlos had drawn this I think it'd be a lot better regarded.

Strontium Dog: Annual 1982 - more info

Colin, you say the Starlord stuff is going to be in a different vote, but this one (The Collector) is from the final Starlord Annual...

Announcements / Re: 2000 AD - The Ultimate Collection
« on: 17 July, 2021, 03:45:50 PM »
I suspect this will be a case of read once then leave on the shelf to make up the spine image, as per Red Razors.

I didn't even manage read once with that dross. Gave up after the first story and skipped to the Samizdat Squad stuff which was at least coherent.

My favourite Red Razors fact, for those who don't know - Nigel Dobbyn hated the strip so much that he deliberatley sabotaged the final page of artwork. The script called for a kid finding the dead Razor's discarded badge and holding it defiantly aloft at the foot of the Kremlin, inspired to rebellion by his fallen hero. Dobbyn instead drew the kid tossing it away in disgust.

The fact that nobody in editorial noticed, or cared enough to ask him to re-draw it, says everything you need to know.

Book I of LaDoJA definitely is distinct from the others, being all about Middenface, Precious and the hunt for Johnny's corpse. The Project is all industrial espionage-type stuff; Mutant Spring and Dogs of War are all about the Second Mutant War, and have a very different flavour to Middenface and Precious' galactic jaunts.

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