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Author Topic: My Short Story  (Read 396 times)


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My Short Story
« on: 01 September, 2004, 10:21:20 PM »
I had a short story published in 2000AD. I don't recall the issue but it was really early on - may be in the first year or two. It was about a firework launch and was credited to me Stuart Austin. I would love to buy a copy of the issue or get a photocopy of the page as I am shortly to have my first novel published.


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Re: My Short Story
« Reply #1 on: 01 September, 2004, 10:43:24 PM »
I can't find your name in the website script writers profiles section.

Possibly one of these two..?

Tharg's Future Shocks
Beautiful World 1 episode (Prog 31) 3 pages
Script: Unknown, Artist: Horacio Lalia, Letters: Peter Knight

Better set your phaser to stun.


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Re: My Short Story
« Reply #2 on: 01 September, 2004, 10:49:43 PM »
By short story do you mean a comic strip or prose (which could mean the story behind one of the Supercovers).

Was it definitely in the weekly, or could it be in the first annual or summer special?

Was it commissioned, as opposed to a fan submission?



Link: Supercovers