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Books & Comics / Re: Whats everyone reading?
« on: 14 May, 2022, 02:35:27 AM »
You might enjoy the 90s anime series as well! But for sure, the Golden Age / Band of the Hawk arc that starts in vol 3 is the heart and soul of Berserk.

Cool to see Terry Pratchett fans here too. I'm on Guards! Guards! at the moment.

For comics, I always love Savage Dragon.

Other Reviews / Re: Dredd: The Complete Case Files
« on: 10 May, 2022, 03:52:59 AM »
Good info! I used to stack all my trade paperback and hardcover comics, really high. This can cause some bending as well. Tried some techniques like flipping them here and there etc.

I had recently put my Case Files upright in a bookcase a few months back. So will take these tips into my strategy!

It is wild how heavy and space consuming keeping graphic novels around is. But worth it!

General / Re: Sideshow Vote: Who are you?
« on: 26 April, 2022, 04:34:16 AM »
It depends on the story being told - as Dredd is not always the protagonist.

In The Apocalypse War, he's the hero. In Working Girl, he's an antagonist, and Mona Plankhurst is the hero. He also gets to play mentor roles, like in Carry the Nine - where Maitland is the protagonist.

By being fairly brutal, single-minded and monk-like (he doesn't seem to have personal desires), he's able to act in ways that seem heartless (as he applies impersonal and hurtful laws without remorse) or kind (in using those same laws to support underdogs), depending on the needs of the story.

I haven't read Working Girl yet, I see it's by Kenneth Niemand. That reminds me, if Dredd is in a particularly negative light, I tend to take it with a grain of salt if not by Wagner. Kind of like how people pointed out Grant's Dredd was often used to kind of show that side in a not so subtle way, which didn't always fit with Wagner's take. It's so tough to pull off that subtlety, even for great writers.

If I need a label, for me antihero works. An atypical central character. Antihero articles tend to cite classic Eastwood on Leone movies as well as Dirty Harry. Influences on Dredd of course. Antiheroes often have a code, it's just different from ours.

For sure he fits different kinds of stories, and is in the antagonist role at times. I think it's tough to sum up what's so special about this character. He's larger than life, at times he's not very flashy, and the stories can be grim or darkly humorous. I love him, that's for sure. Part of the fun for me is not judging Dredd by our real world standards.

Maybe a funny comparison, but he's a bit like Godzilla. Another beloved character. Sometimes he may destroy a city, and sometimes he'll save the day. He's like a force of nature.

General / Re: The Strontium Dog is Judge Dredd's future topic
« on: 13 February, 2022, 09:36:55 PM »

Shameless Self-Promotion Dept Blast from the Past #457

Right on, I dig it! Very Leone Western.

John has literally said "it's just a story" and has paid this no more mind!

FWIW, as I've mentioned before, the way time travel has been shown to work in the Dredd universe means that's entirely possible for the Dredd timeline to be in the past of the Strontium Dog timeline, without the SD timeline being the future of the Dredd timeline. All that means is that the timelines diverged at some point after 'Top Dog' and 'Judgement Day'.

That's cool to know, I was wondering if he had said something like that.

General / Re: The Strontium Dog is Judge Dredd's future topic
« on: 13 February, 2022, 04:43:30 AM »
Top Dogs is a fav for sure! And there have been other references to Kreelman and stuff like that in more recent Judge Dredd comics. I take some comic continuity, especially crossovers, to be a bit loose though. And I don't know if John Wagner has ever talked about a plan for these books in the future tying together more. Though Judge Dredd has lasted longer than they may have ever imagined.

Only 6 years away, would be a bit of a wild move if we did have that big war in Judge Dredd. Dredd had that re-juve a couple years ago, plus I think they've slowed on that portrayal of aging a bit anyway, since the world needs Judge Dredd comics.

My thought is, unless there's an interview I'm missing, the connection seems like a "for the fans" fun detail, and I'm not sure if they'll stick to it. But I guess speculating for six years from now might be a bit early. Though they could always plant seeds hinting to that if they go that route. Though I guess that might be more of something the editor of 2000AD would decide, rather than say John Wagner. In general I'm always curious what the future may be for Dreddworld.

General / The Strontium Dog is Judge Dredd's future topic
« on: 13 February, 2022, 02:02:46 AM »
What do you think of the continuity of Strontium Dog's setting being the canon future of Judge Dredd? Do you consider that to be something Wagner intended, or is it just a loose connection? And 2150, the year of the Great Nuclear War, is coming up not too long from now in Judge Dredd.

Has John Wagner said anything about this connection, and what do you think about it?

For me, I kind of like the idea of being able to imagine the Judge Dredd timeline's future, and it being different from Strontium Dog, but I guess it's all similar yet loose enough to fit different ideas in there. And they are set in different locales.

Film & TV / Re: The Book of Boba Fett
« on: 03 February, 2022, 12:58:50 AM »
Good points on the ship there!

I just caught up, really dig the Book of Boba. Fun stuff. I like how it overall has had it's own pace and vibe, very much like a classic Western. With that wild SW vibe and quirks we'd come to expect and want of course.

In general I like how it feels like it could go a lot of places, and in a zen cowboy kind of way, I'm okay with it going anywhere. It has characters we care about, but it's kind of laid-back and easygoing plot wise. Yet it also feels inventive and fresh. Can't wait for more of this fine universe.

Much thanks! Great quotes, that's cool to hear.

Was looking to see if Wagner or Carlos have mentioned in interviews the importance of not showing Dredd's face. Or any behind the scenes notes about keeping that going over the years.

Googling it I was only able to see talk about the movies. And for behind the scenes, I remember that bit where Bisley drew Dredd's face and the editor said they can't do that. I natural my agree, it's a great thing, just wonder what's been said on it by the creators.

Film & TV / Re: The Book of Boba Fett
« on: 31 January, 2022, 05:32:45 PM »
Just wanted to say, love The Mandalorian! Just finally got around to giving it a full go, ended up watching the two seasons over the past week. Lotta fun, cool Star Wars tales.

I wonder if any of the writers read Strontium Dog by the way! Wouldn't surprise me. I noticed a comics writer Christopher Yost in the credits, known for some X-Men books.

Just starting Book of Boba now.

General / Re: Forthcoming Thrills - 2022
« on: 27 December, 2021, 03:41:05 AM »
Sounds cool to me! More thrills, Wagner Dredd, you name it.

Other Reviews / Re: Dredd: The Complete Case Files
« on: 22 September, 2021, 12:20:54 AM »
Here's a bit from an email from support, it's cool that they're so nice and open about this stuff.

"We thought it looked a lot cleaner on the 16 part Dredd vs Aliens story.
However, we could in future aim for a middle ground and also include the credit box on the first part of each story in addition to the contents page."

So you've certainly got them thinking. "

So that's cool of them, maybe we should email them more often about our nitpicks. :D

Other Reviews / Re: Dredd: The Complete Case Files
« on: 21 September, 2021, 08:55:58 AM »
It'd be tough for say a favorite stories topic, when you don't know what the name of the story you just read is. And much like a DVD of a classic movie, you want as it was, preserved. They didn't release these stories as is only to reprint them missing details 18 years later or whatever. And like mentioned there, they didn't even include that page of credits for the Megazine stories in the latest one.

But even if they do include those pages, it'd be pretty kooky to find the name of the story you're reading. And if you're flipping over to part 6 of a story or part 1 of a new story, this stuff affects the context. There is generally what looks a bit like a blank space under a missing logo in the art, or an area that is less detailed or interesting. It's not clutter any more than the title card in a movie is clutter. It's part of the 2000AD experience, they know we're seeing the title, and it may inform a bit of what we expect. Imagine a lot of those classic Dredd stories without a visible title. The PJ Maybe stories, It Pays To Be Mental etc, it would take something away. They messed up here.


Other Reviews / Re: Dredd: The Complete Case Files
« on: 20 September, 2021, 02:30:25 AM »
Just noting that Case Files 36 and 37 have some printing errors. These no longer include the Judge Dredd logo or story title, or credits boxes etc. That was part of the original art and look, and it also makes stories bleed together a bit without that to show it's a new one. Plus, Case Files had those features up through 35. Hopefully they fix that, especially for the future releases as well.

And for digital, two page spreads are supposed to be combined, so you can see the whole image. When that happens in a digital 2000AD release, you'll only see the left half of the two page spread, then flip and see the right half, which doesn't show the full view. So hopefully the fix these two things, especially that first one, I have the paper versions myself.

Prog / Re: Prog 2245 - Gun Shark!
« on: 25 August, 2021, 10:48:24 PM »
Just caught up on Now That's What I Call Justice - wonderful stuff! Dredd, Wagner Dredd at that, always the best. We're the luckiest fans on Earth with master like Wagner and Higgins and co. on the case. Now I just need more! And some more after that.

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