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: HUGE stack of comics ...
: Jim_Campbell 24 January, 2002, 08:39:38 PM
... which, regrettably, I cannot store.

I'm just fishing to see if anyone might be interested in taking 'em off my hands as a job lot (provided the price is reasonable, obviously). I don't want to faff about splitting them up, and I'm not desperate to make a massive amount of cash as long as they go to a good home!

(I may consider selling the US format stuff as a separate lot to the UK mags, but I really _need_ to get rid of these, because I have _no room!_)

A detailed list will follow as soon as I get 'em here and catalogue 'em, but amongst all this stuff (off the top of my head) are:


Progs 100 - 1200 with a gap between the late 900s and early 1100s. Most in fair condition, a few completely knackered and some pretty much mint (bought to replace ones I'd cut the covers off when I was 10). At least one Halo Jones issue signed by Alan Moore.

Pretty much the lot, I think, all in decent condition.

About the first twenty or so issues.

The 80s one. First year or two, #1 still with (crap) free gift!


Swamp Thing: from Moore's 'American Gothic' through the whole of Veitch's run. Some issues signed by Moore.

Watchmen: complete set. #1 signed by Moore & Gibbons.

V for Vendetta (DC): complete set.

Doom Patrol: whole of Morrison's run.

Animal Man: whole of Morrison's run.

Adventures of Luther Arkwright MS (Valkyrie): complete set and I'll throw in a signed poster.

Hellblazer: first 40-odd issues.

Sandman: first 20-odd issues.

Legends of the Dark Knight: Gothic (Morrison).

X-Men: most of Claremont's post-John-Byrne run (I think ... I may have flogged these!)

Enigma: complete set (Milligan, Fegredo, utterly fab).

The Extremist: complete set (Milligan, McKeever, ditto).

Stray Toasters: complete set (Sienkiewicz ... although I may be the only person who thought this was a wonderful series).

Elektra Assassin: complete set, Miller and Siekiewicz, #1 & 8 signed by Sienkiewicz.

Sh*tloads of Dark Horse stuff: DHP, Mayhem (featuring the Mask, of Jim Carrey fame), Aliens (first three series, written by Mark 'Timecop' Verheiden), Predator, Terminator ...

Plus God-only-knows what else. Certainly some dross, but a pile of real quality stuff, too.

Anyone provisionally interested?

As I said - full list to follow, but I think that's most of the best stuff above ...


: not really interested as...
: Dominic O'Rourke 25 January, 2002, 05:57:43 AM
you seem to have MY comic collection, that list sounds so similar , except for the 2000AD's.

coinkydink me tinks not
: Re: not really interested as......
: Jim_Campbell 25 January, 2002, 05:13:03 PM
> you seem to have MY comic collection, that
> list sounds so similar , except for the
> 2000AD's.

> coinkydink me tinks not

Ah, well, good taste will out!


: Re: not really interested as.........
: Tu-plang 25 January, 2002, 06:33:57 PM
how much are you aking on the 2000ad's, jim?