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Ace Trucking was a lot of fun. Zenith could be Grant Morrison's best work for the Prog. Based on how much I want to pick up and re-read the whole thing, Zenith.

Based purely on the Wagner/Grant/Gibson era, Robo-Hunter.

Rogue has plenty of wonderful moments as well as some meh. But although Cinnabar is great, in my opinion there isn't enough John Smith created stuff that's made it to this round. An urban horror classic that will stand the test of time means my vote goes to Cradlegrave.

Brink is a modern classic and yet I still laugh at the events of the future Olympics. Unlikely to progress any further but I'm voting for The Taxidermist.

Lots of fully deserved love for Lawless but Mazeworld just edges it for me.

DR&Q was great fun but Dante is epic in all the best ways.

General / Re: Forum’s Fav Thrill - Melatzoic vs. Slaine Rd 4 Heat 1
« on: 04 July, 2022, 08:12:26 AM »

Meltdown Man was fun but I have an ongoing admiration for Tribal Memories.

Missionary Man.

I like a lot about Stickleback and it may well win here but I think nostalgia has pushed Helltrekkers across the line for me.

Banzai Battalion.

There's no contest here for me against a John Smith classic. Firekind all the way.

ABC got too preachy for me towards the end but it did have Clint Langley. The Terra-Meks is an all-time classic. The Black Hole had the often overlooked SMS. Alan Moore's RB stories are great, but so is Red Planet Blues.

Argh....ABC Warriors. Just.


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