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I was looking for something along the lines of "If business meetings were like internet forums" or something that I was sure was on this thread but I can't find it here or in youtube.

Anybody have a clue where it might be?

Link: Is This Your Card?

That's the baby.  YOUTUBE just had some MAKE CASK ON YOUTUBE thing in it's place.

Sadly, it's not quite as neat a fit with the thing I want to do for work as I remembered.

And it has waaay too much foul language and vulgarity.

But thanks.

the shutdown man:
Here's the sequel:

Link: Internet Commenter Business Meeting 2

If this is the new You-Tube Gold Thread.

I found this the other night.

It's good if you like the band Tenacious D (  I got one of their first CD's)

The whole film is in 10 parts, one part of which this video is. It has a certain Blue's Brothers feel to it, though it does pale in comparison.Link: Kickapoo


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