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Eamonn Clarke:

Mega City Book Club is my new podcast about 2000AD collected editions. The format is myself and a different guest each episode discussing the book they have chosen. You can find full details on my blog here:

or the facebook page at:

For the first show I am joined by Simon Belmont to discuss Dan Dare vol 1.
I published the episode yesterday and have submitted it to iTunes for approval to get it in their directory but in the meantime you can subscribe through iTunes or any podcatcher by using the feed address:

I am a 2000AD enthusiast but not an expert and I'm sure there will be minor errors and oversights along the way, please feel free to correct me.

And please consider coming on the podcast as a guest, get in touch with the book you would like to talk about. Any 2000AD collection is fair game, including individual volumes of the case files, or allied titles that graced the Meg such as Scarlet Traces or Preacher to pick just two examples out of my left brain.

Coming up in the next couple of months will be:

Episode 2: The Complete America with Pete Wells
Episode 3: The Cursed Earth (Titan editions) with Jim Moon
Episode 4: Devlin Waugh: Swimming in Blood with Tony Richards

Other books that have been picked for future shows are (in no particular order)
Dredd: Origins
Button Man: Get Harry Ex
Gold Tiger
D.R. & Quinch
Zenith phase 1
Satan's Island

Have a listen and let me know what you think.

Eamonn Clarke:
and you probably won't be too surprised to hear that there is a linked justgiving page for Cancer Research UK.

This won't be a podcast that looks for sponsorship, freebies, or asks listeners for help with the running costs.
Instead if you like what you hear you might donate a quid to a good cause at:


And many thanks to the kind and generous souls who have done so already

Pete Wells:
Notice how there is a necessary gap between myself and professional broadcaster Tony Richards. I believe Tony specifically requested this as he was worried my posh accent would show him up.

Steve Green:
You'd probably want to slowly progress up or down the accents, or end up with the linguistic equivalent of the bends...

Dash Decent:
I like the title you've chosen Eamonn, though when I first saw the post listed I thought it must be the next topic for the written story competition!


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