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Landing on the home page today was a pleasant surprise.  Kudos to whoever is responsible.  It looks good.  Certainly a nice bit of promotion for the prog and everything associated with it.

Then we come to the forum ....

A little bit like that embarrassing estate on the edge of a gentrified part of town.  Unchanged for years and looking a little worse for wear but still well-frequented.

Yes, looks like a big improvement. I will say that the shop hasn't changed either, and is still awkward to navigate.

The forum still exists, and so we should probably be thankful for that. I’ve no idea what’s going on with the shop, which manages here to be basically unusable on my Macs, iPads and iPhone. That’s quite an achievement. (The problem appears to be all the animations and faff. Shops should be insanely fast, not fiddly, and so I do hope a change is on the way there.)

As for the new site, good to see some investment in it.

Lovely new site upgrade! And yes, quite a surprise.

Glad the forum is still there!

I've barely adapted to the last forum change, so thankful the gentrification hasn't spread to these levels. I've seen the hipster 'tache installed on that Molch-R droid, I know what depths of asininity Tharg wIil plumb to get down with the kids. It'll be de-ageing filters applied to every post, aubergine emojis and TikTok video competitions. Grumble.


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