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Mike Carroll:
On Rusty Staples, my comics blog, I take a look at an issue of 1015 from 1996 which features some Dredd-related articles and very early interview with Rusty's better-looking and more talented younger brother Greg Staples, as well as very nice cover by that same droid!

Go on, treat yourself!

(Rusty Staples also has tons of other 2000AD and Dredd-related articles and features for your delectation, including the huge and exhaustively-researched Star Wars in 2000AD feature, so big that it had to be split into two parts! And it's all free! There aren't even any ads on the blog!)

I've seen this blog before and it's fantastic. Highly recommended to all squaxx.

Seconded. Always a pleasure to read, though I preferred Sprout...

Yep. An excellent comics blog. Well worth reading/subscribing to.

I was reading it just the other day, lured in by wanting to find out which boy's comic had a girl's name!


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