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Comichaus - The 'Netflix' of indie comics.


Fairly sure I've mentioned this before, but Comichaus have just dropped an email with a link to a code to enable the reader to claim a free month of access. This is sweet enough, but combined with the standing offer of two weeks free when you sign-up this will give new users six whole weeks of access to the self proclaimed 'Netflix' of comics.

"Hi Everybody.
Hope you are all staying safe and sane.

Have a free month of Comichaus on us!

We have set up a code to allow users a free month. New users will get a free 14 day fee trial AND the extra month. Small token to help alleviate the boredom of being isolated!

Use code: COVID19 when your current subscription runs out
Hundreds of indie comics direct from creators for you to enjoy :)

Download at your app store =
Amazon/Kindle users download  ."

Self interest makes me tell you that there are a load of top quality comics on there (and even some IDW Dredd, too) and I'm sure many of the creatives have posted here over the years.

It is worth noting that each ‘view’ of a title will result in some funds for the creators – and ultimately this is set to reach those creatives as a thank you for their work on FQP titles.

There’s some great stuff there, cheers for the tip off Bolt! Although any Dredd stuff seems to have disappeared.
Mind you, lots to have a rummage through, anyway...

Whoah, just found Rock of the Reds on there. Well worth £3 a month in anybody’s money


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