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Dredd: Animated (unofficial test)

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Rather nifty little proof-of-concept animated Dredd, with a more than whiff of Akira about it.


Thanks to Steve Green for turning up the link on Facebook.

(If I was going to nit-pick, the city could do with being a little more MC-1-ish and a little less generic, but I love Dredd himself which, to my eyes, owes a fair bit to Kev Walker's version.)

Colin YNWA:
Blimey indeed.

There's a steadiness to his actions that I find quite chilling!

I was just about to post this, I saw it via John Freeman on DTT.

As a test this was all good to me, with some lovely nods to continuity and massive slabs of both Kev and Carl Critchlow.

Not something I'd watch but quite well done.


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