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Well, I know that we have the 'healthy forum' thread and there is a general consensus about the nature of this place but a couple of recent 'thread locks' have got me thinking.  We're a broad church as a whole with an array of different backgrounds and experiences.  Ironically we are all linked by a passion for a comic featuring a fascist police officer but hey ho ...

What I'm wondering about is how we manage our differences effectively.  One thing that we've always done pretty well is 'self-moderation'.  Granted there have been folks through the years that have fallen by the way-side for various reasons.  Generally though discussions, debates and disagreements have been managed fairly well.

Yet a couple of times lately strongly held positions have pushed things to the limit and in one or two cases, beyond.  So I guess my question is this: is this merely an historical aberration, a sign of the febrile times that we live in that is taxing our psychological reserves?

As a corollary, how do we manage our debates and arguments in a text-based environment that lacks the additional cues that normally inform debate (as someone who struggles with that in RL courtesy of MHC, this one makes me laugh)?  Or is it simply safer not to have these types of discussions and stick with the old "never discuss religion or politics ..." (or various related topics) rule?

Funt Solo:
Well, the first one that got locked was a spin-off from the Covid thread, in which I was attempting to take Shark's conspiracy theory views into a different zone. I'm partly culpable for how things turned out because, rather than try to find peace in a debate setting, I'm more like a dog with a bone. I want to win. There are key moments in that thread where I could've backed off. I didn't. It turned ugly. It got locked. I'm not proud of how it turned out and I tried to promise myself that I'd just entirely ignore Shark so that I didn't get myself embroiled again in such a negative no-movement back and forth.

Then he was back on the Covid thread - and I tried to make my points circuitously without directly engaging - but that's difficult when one is being quoted. That one, I don't know how else it could've ended. He was determined that he had a right to make his points, he even posted an appeal that basically suggested a sort of ownership over the board, and he doesn't think his points are conspiracy theories - he just thinks he's right. So, despite being warned off on a few occasions, it was something clearly undroppable for him, it kept causing friction and it got locked. I like to think my existence didn't assist the lock in that case and that it was just inevitable.

My reflection about the whole thing is: it didn't go well, it caused negativity, it made a broadly well-liked boarder either duck for cover or get banned (?) and it makes discussing Covid a sort of taboo subject on the board. Personally, I need to avoid debate situations with that person, because it became clearly abusive. (My ego says I was abused more, but I have to allow that there was some rock-throwing from both sides.) Perhaps the key is this (for me): make points about the comic on the comic forum. Try to be like Facepuke, and post my own ideas, rather than respond to other peoples (especially if I diametrically oppose them).

Colin YNWA:
I felt bad about my part in that. I normally avoid The Politics Thread and threads of that nature cos I can talk to friends and colleagues about those sorts of things in more suitable environments. I come here to talk comics and nerd stuff as there's not many folks I can do that with in the 'real world' and you folks are by far the nicest I've found on the Internet (GROUP HUG)

Then for whatever reason I wondered in there, as I occasionally do. Got completely insensed - bad day at work probably playing into it and bite. The trouble is lots of other folks were making the same points , with calmer heads and less nasty snark than I mustered and so I just felt I contributed to a pile on. I was so unhappy with myself, especially as it seemed Shark maybe be banned (??? I've no idea) or as suggested felt the need to run for cover. He certainly hasn't posted since.

So I need to pull my neck in and as Funt Solo says use this place for the reason I have 97% of the time I come here to talk about comics.

And not try to win agruments, it won't work... well unless some fools decide Origins is better than The Cursed Earth, there are some fields I will die upon...

The main reason that most of us start posting here was about one thing and one thing only and that is the love for comics and  specifically the love for 2000AD.

The politic thread is for me a sideshow I try not to read or post in those type of threads. Most cases I cannot even comprehend what the politics is about since I am outsider.

So let us focus on the important stuff in life like comics, books and films :)


--- Quote from: broodblik on 02 April, 2021, 04:34:36 PM ---
So let us focus on the important stuff in life like comics, books and films :)

--- End quote ---

So I guess "To Crush Your Enemies! To See Them Driven Before You! And To Hear The Lamentations Of Their Women!" has fallen out of favour then? Sigh!


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