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Dash Decent:
The Out - Paperback, 25th October 2022

Cyd Finlea is a photo-journalist working for the publishers Neographic. It has been a decade since she left Earth and travelled to into the deepest reassesses of outer space - otherwise known as THE OUT. Her encounters include meetings with strange alien societies and ex-pat humans, an experience that she shares with her trusty sentient backpack...

This exciting, first volume introduces a brand new world introduced recently in the pages of 2000 AD, with an intriguing new female lead brilliantly executed by writer Dan Abnett (Guardians of the Galaxy) and featuring the inventive visuals of Mark Harrison.

I really hope this one gets a limited HC through the 2000 AD shop.

Colin YNWA:

--- Quote from: IndigoPrime on 25 November, 2021, 08:29:37 AM ---I really hope this one gets a limited HC through the 2000 AD shop.

--- End quote ---

Yeah I'd love to see The Out get the same oversized* hardcover treatment as the ABC Warriors. It definately deserves it and the art would be elevated by it (I'd make a similar call for Lawless getting that treatment too, but that would be utterly predictable!). I have no idea whether such an induglence would be justified from a business point of view, but from a fanboy wish list perspective it'd be an instant buy for me.

*Are the ABC Warriors hardcover oversized, by which I mean Prog sized? In my head they are but I don't own them.

O Lucky Stevie!:
Yay! Stevie can finally get to read the end of the first series, which was the point that we stopped seeing progs through Diamond here in Oz.

Will this capture the first book or both book one and two? I think this will be a great one to collect


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