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Meg 442: Hate Campaign!

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An ominous blood-soaked cover for this Meg, which leads on a quickly improving Dredd story with some intrigue. Death Cap is next, and I just don’t care about this story at all. The protagonist is awful. I quite like the art and the sales guy though. Diamond Dogs has pretty much lost me at this point. It also so often feels more “30 seconds into the future” than what you’d expect from the comic.

A brief break for ‘The droids you’ve been looking for’, which explores some of the creators who only briefly graced the comic. Some interesting bits and bobs in there, and an answer of sorts as to why Tao De Moto just stopped no-one knows where Myra Hancock went or is). I also kind of want to re-read Dead Meat now, just to see how it is with the benefit of hindsight. Then, an Ian Kennedy obit. Good to see three pages dedicated to this. Sad to think this will be a semi-regular event now, given how creators age.

A one-pager on Lowborn High then sits across from Lawless. I’m not sure where this strip is going nor whether Abnett will hit something of a reset switch at some point (with Meta returning to her original position). Either way, it’s great and continues to be a real high point for the comic. Then, Surfer perhaps inevitably goes bad, with a twist we all saw coming but that ramps up the tension significantly.

A bit 60/40 for me this month, but the highs very much eclipse the lows.

Lawless > Surfer > Dredd > Diamond Dogs > Death Cap

Cover by Phil Winslade:

Cover and Logo:

Yeah, kinda have to agree with everything IndigoPrime said about this issue. I'm maybe a little warmer on Diamond Dogs 'cos I like seeing Armitage back in the Prog, and there's something about Nia as a character that hooks me in, but I struggle to follow the twisty-heisty plotting and I struggle also to care about who wants what and why.

On Surfer, it's amazing to see Colin MacNeil, in this episode especially, going all the way back to Song of the Surfer - for em, the strip that really launched him as an artist - but now in SUCH a different style. The shift from DeathSports story to snuff movie-making is a neat wrinkle.

Not the greatest meg but still a lot to enjoy. Lawless/Hawk and Surfer as always carries to flag.

Dredd – After the first episode I was not completely into the story but now with a change of focus the story has now grabbed me. Initially this looks like just politics but the change in direction (a coup going on while MC trying to win a vote) makes the story much more interesting.

Death Cap – There is nothing spectacular about the story so far and yes, the main protagonist is not the most dynamic, but I am still interested on how we will get to the end.

Diamond Dogs – For me this is the best of the DD arcs and I like the way the current episode jumps from the “now” to the “then” and back. I would like to see how the Dogs get out of this current mess as everything is stacked against them.

Lawless – This episode is about all the candidates that are standing for the mayor position.  An interesting stand-down is happening between Nerys and Rondo. As always, the story is always a highlight in the meg and this episode does not disappoint.  The only issue was a technical one where the whole of the episode was “broken” on my iPad and I was forced to read the CBZ on my computer.

Surfer – As expected the whole Supersurf 7 scene is a real. The surfers are clearly in for a huge surprise. This episode I must highlight Colin’s great art supplemented excellent by Chris’s coloring. Very enjoyable story by the old hands.

Hawk – Put it plainly this is still a delight to read and view. Awesome stuff from Ennis and Flint. I hope that after this arc the creative team can continue with the further adventures.


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