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Meg 443: Rough Rider!

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Guess I should start this one since no-one else has.

Dredd: Praise Zort! comes to an end with a tease for future developments.

Deathcap: Goya's in a bit of a pickle as her condition has lead to a literal loss of identity, not to mention her arm, although since the same episode sets up that the shroomers can regrow body parts within a short space of time it's not really that much of a loss

Diamond Dogs: A surprise reverse heel turn for one of the baddies, which would be more shocking if we actually knew anything about them or their motivations. It amused me that the other two members of Jones's crew are so unimportant that their fate doesn't even warrant a passing mention, so I guess they just got killed off-page somewhere?

Lawless: This is pretty much Metta hitting rock-bottom, having thrown away her job on a rigged election and with any attempt to investigate electoral fraud stonewalled by the SJS. Remains to be seen where this is heading but there are so many things in play it's anyone's guess at this point.

Surfer:  The chase continues with our hero pulling some tricky moves to evade capture. My only criticism of this story is it probably should've run in the weekly, as it's a bit too fast-paced for a monthly read.

I haven't read Hawk yet as I've still got the last couple of issues to catch up on.

Cover by Pye Parr:

Cover and Logo:

Blue Cactus:
Nice paper stock on Hawk this month - much less floppy than the usual floppy.

Colin YNWA:
With a late Prog this week I've only had time to finish The Meg tonight - which is a shame as it ends on a couple of absolute doozies, but we'll come to that as its a bit of a trek to get there...

Dredd was ... well pretty good. The action ending was satisfying the 'to be continued' fine. I'm just not sure I'm sold on the crazy government of octoheads as a premise, well executed closing page aside. Still enjoyable, great art and not at all bad so we'll see how the bigger picture develops.

Death cap ... I want to like it. It has to give me someone to give a toss about and it doesn't which entirely dismantled an interesting premise.

Diamond Dogs ... I want to like it but it has to give me something to hang onto to pull me through and it simply doesn't and this one drifts by again.

AFTER THAT THOUGH - WOW! I'm going to flip the order.

Surfer is just excellent craft and excitment - simple and superb. Love it.

When I read Brink in the Prog I think, well it just doesn't get better than this. Then I read Lawless in the Meg and fuck me it turns out it does! What absolutely blows me away is after the almighty war against Munce Inc I was left wondering where else could this go. How could it top that. Has the series shot its bolt. One piece of musical genius made clear that Dabnett wasn't sort of interesting ideas BUT this months Meg he shows he tops it my changing the focal point and zooming in. Making it tighter and more personal. Raising the stakes in an entirely different way. Seeing the 'destruction' of Metta is just heartbreakingly brilliant. One thats elevated even further by when you see the layers of political manipulation building and closing in on taking control... though warring fraction seem to unpin the danger.

All of a sudden if we thought the odds against Lawson and Badrock were bad against Munce Inc - well that was at least a straight fight (kinda - the resolution was a little more ingenius of course) here it feels darker, closer and even more dangerous. How the fuck did it manage that. By Dabnett and Winslade being chuffin' genius is my only answer. Course Brink isn't the best thing in Tharg's Thrill Palace Lawless bloody well is and this is one of the single best episodes of the single best current series...

... but did I like it is the question... ahem...

Nice text pieces and Hawk continues to be very enjoyable with astonishingly beautiful art. So okay this might be a very inconsistent Meg, 2 Muh, 1 pretty good and two mindblowing so I call that a pass as when its good Jez Lousie is it GOOD!


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