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Meg 444 - Pressure Point!

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A good enough meg not the greatest but enjoyable.

Dredd – The Red Queen saga continues with interesting new story basically continuing from last year’s The Hard Way running in the prog. This is a semi-standalone which will then continue into the next arc of the saga. Lynch is the normal artists but for this episode we have Ian Richardson on art duties (who reminds me of Staz’s art) and it is great.  Good start.

Death Cap – A very weird episode in the sense that nothing really happened except that we have 8 pages where Goya has been carried to a fungus. The page layout was quite interesting. Plot wise except for the last page nothing changed.

Diamond Dogs – We are moving to the endgame as Armitage and Nia gets their respective “issues” sorted out. We need to wait and see how the finale will now play out.

Lawless – Meta is not taking her lost very well. The new mayor well what can we say is being used by everyone. Meta at last “decided” to do something about the lost. A good episode from Abnett spinning and weaving his intrigue. As always the art is fantastic.

Surfer – Zane is on the run and try to make a deal with but ending up being arrested. What is more interesting is that this is only the end of Book 1 so there is more to come.

Cover by Andy Clarke:

Cover and Logo:

B/W Cover:

I enjoyed Dredd and the ending was intruiguing. Nice art, too. Death Cap continues. Nice layout ideas and probably interesting from a collected standpoint in terms of pace, but I still don’t care about anyone or anything in the story.

Diamond Dogs is almost done. Probably warrants a re-read. I’ve been cool and warm on this one, but this episode was solid. Lawless, though, goes from strength to strength, and Surfer ended well.

In all, 60% fab, 20% hmm and 20% nope for me this issue. Sort order: Lawless > Dredd | Surfer > Diamond Dogs > Death Cap


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