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Meg 446: Royal Blood

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The Monarch:
An entire week and no thread for the meg? well i need to rectify that.

First of all I think i have said it before and I will say it again the new hookjaw is both too soon to reprint in a floppy and it also deserves its own trade. Okay on to the strips

Dredd: I kinda agree with maitland all that build up and thats it?!?

Death cap

the second strip in a row where i ask is that it? lovely boo cook art though

anderson: really enjoying this current story especially the art

black museum: I really liked this one the moral is kinda obvious "greed is bad" but i really liked it

lawless continues to be the highlight of the meg as it always is every month

Cover by Jake Lynch:

Cover and Logo:

It's a fair point.  Feels a bit at the moment like the forum has been taken over with constant strip polls.  Mind you, it keeps activity going so ...

I know what you mean about Dredd.  Considering the time given over the the storyline in recent years it does feel a bit ... meh.  Then again this is something that we've seen a lot of over the years.  Sometimes the long game doesn't play out quite as well as originally envisaged or else it is just wrapped up fairly quickly.

On the plus side, Lynch's artwork is definitely improving.  I suppose it's a bit like comparing Flint's early Rogue Trooper work with what he's producing now.  It's great to see.

It was great to see a feature on Andy Clarke as well.  I was gutted when he had to quit on Relay.  That was an interesting little series growing out of one of Philip K Dick's short stories.  There hadn't been much of an explanation as to what happened so seeing his take on events was a nice rounding out of that.  It would be nice to see him on something longer than a cover again but I get why he has made the decisions he has.  His Battle / Action cover is certainly worth it.

My copy of this still hasn't arrived yet. Anyone else's issue not shown up?


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