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Meg 447 - Monster Smash!

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This was a great meg with only 3 stories but it delivered the goods.

Dredd – Another wonderful one shot by Niemand and some gorgeous art by Googe.  Again, it is a case of Niemand creating another possible return set of characters as the story focus on a Death- fanatic.

Anderson – We have a new head of PSI division. The story felt a little bit rushed even the art felt rushed. It is a pity since the story was quite interesting. It could have done with 2 more episodes

Lawless – Wow what an ending and to an absolute gem of a series. Yes, we will get another series next year with the whole landscape completely altered. The whole meg devoted to this last part of the arc a whopping 34 pages of Lawless. It is like a dream come true for all our fan boys’ pity for people picking up the meg for the first time. 

The meg also features a great piece on the great man Alan Grant.

If you have  not read Feral and Foe the floppy feature the first arc and it ends with a message that “The story continues in the Feral & Foe trade collection, on sale January 2023”

Cover by Phil Winslade:

Cover and Logo:

Colin YNWA:
I mean this issue has triple Lawless so there's not much more to say is there. Its an absolute winner. But let's delve deeper.

Dredd I misfire by Niemand's terms but still a fun Dredd, its just not an excellent Dredd which he's pretty much always done before. Lovely and utter perfect choice of art from Neil Googe (with Gary Caldwell on colours) does elevate the whole think. Kenneth does another citizen focused story and here introduces Callum a crafty seller of Justice related merchandise. Its a humour driven strip and its good for giggles but that robs it of the emotional resenance of Niemand at his finest. Still heartly one off with a telegraphed ending and a sure return I'll happily read.

Anderson... err this happens and then that and... some stuff and Green Judge and then.... well its over...

Lawless high octane, breathless ending to the current series than backs and beats Metta even further into a corner and trouble. The extended fight sequences mean we are robbed a little of what makes Lawless the truely wonderful thrill it is, its character driven moments but damn if its not impossible not to be blown away by it all. The tension is high, I worry for characters at every turn and Dabnett and Winslade play me like a fiddle.

There's a reason I think Lawless could win (won't by maybe should) FFT Tourney and its this. It can spend weeks building story and character and then bang smacks you in the guts and takes your breathe away with a glorious body blow like this. Its just brilliant and read back i think this will be even better. I love this thrill and its probably my favourite thing in Tharg's entire thrillorchard at the moment and that means I think its better than The Out and Brink... so fuck me that means its good.

Floppie is ... Feral and 20 mintues ago or whatever, very disappointing BUT made up for by a very moving tribute to Alan Grant from his peers and prodigies. Its fittingly wonderful.

Overall its 3* Lawless good so its an absolute winner of a Meg and next issue has quite the uphill struggle to not feel like a massive come down!

Max Headroom:
I don't usually post in this section, but I felt compelled to say just how utterly brilliant 'Lawless' was this month. A triple dose of just the very best thrills! Dan Abnett is an amazing writer and I think others would join me in saying this deserves the deluxe hardcover treatment one day.


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