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Meg 448: Graveyard Shift

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Well, that was fun. I enjoyed the 2000 AD zompocalypse and this Meg stuck the landing. It is perhaps more serious in nature. It’s certainly more coherent as the random strips give way to a story thread. But I thought as a one-off it was rather good.

Also, the floppy was really something special: a book of Robin Smith cover roughs, with various notes, printed alongside the final art. The only down side was my cover appeared to be on back to front (which confused me for a bit). I’m very tempted to take the mag apart and carefully thread it back through the staples.

Anyway, good work, everyone. This breezy silliness was just what I needed this evening.

Cover and Logo:

Indigo summed it up nicely. I enjoyed the meg segment more than the prog one.

Leigh Gallagher's art was pure joy to watch.

The Monarch:
I know a lot of people are gonna say noooo they killed halo and dr and quinch....but i just say....canon fodder noooooooo

Funny seeing zombie Manic 5’s head on a pole, mind.


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