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Read the text article promoting Philip Bond’s Geezer, then went to the site to see about ordering. They wanted $90 to ship a $10 book to the UK! (Oh and the $16 tax). Is this Brexit at work?

No. That’s a stupid set-up at work. First, there should be no tax. This is a VAT-free item. Secondly, $90 is more than I paid for my priority FedEx orders from InStockTrades, which included several omnibus hardcovers. You’d expect some hefty postage if this is packaged well. But even so, $90 is bloody ridiculous. Maybe see if Gosh in London has any copies left and is willing to send one out to you.

EDIT: The tax is presumably US sales tax, thinking about it. 15% isn’t current UK VAT. But also, god knows what would happen when such a comic reached the UK. There’s a reasonable chance you’d be hit for import duty if this lot don’t know what they’re doing. This is as bad as the horror show that was Atomic Robo’s Kickstarter.

Thanks, there was no mention of a UK supplier in the article. I'll try Gosh.

Philip Bond says you can get Geezer here if you're in the UK: https://geezerblimey.bigcartel.com

Meanwhile, in the Meg itself ...

The current lineup is not massively to my taste in all honesty.  I can't quite get into the current crop of Devlin Waugh tales, try as I might.  In all honesty I've never been a major fan but as things stand right now I'm completely lost.  The same goes for Death Metal.  It seems to have drifted in ways I can't quite get my head around.

Completing the supernatural trilogy for this month is Storm Warning.  Normally Langley's artwork leaves me cringing when he is on anything but cover duties but this works well.  He seems to have turned back the clock to his pre-digital era.  Colours are better suited to the work.  It's actually something I can follow for a change.  Of the three in this genre it's far and away the best.

Which leaves an Edgington / D'israeli Dredd and Wagner / MacNeil on Chopper.  Two strong creative teams.  Both at the top of their games.  Wagner running some oldies that suit Macneil's talents.  Edgington going with some fairly predictable elements too that let D'israeli strut his stuff.  One moving on their tale, the other wrapping theirs up.

All round then this month's left me a bit flat (although it might still be me rather than the meg).  The text piece on McMahon's Apex edition makes me wish I had the cash to spare.  Looks like a thing of beauty.  An interesting little piece on Baikie's connection to Scapa Flow and an advertorial for the Dredd boardgame round out the text pieces along with Bond's latest comic endeavour.

It's going to be interesting to see how things go with the return to the square bound format next month.  In all honesty I'm not too disappointed to see the loss of the floppies.  The news that the reprints are going to take in IDW's Dredd stuff as well as bits from the Treasury are certainly welcome.  I'd be more than happy to see variable quality treasury stuff if it means we get some lost gems from the past and as far as the IDW stuff is concerned whilst it hasn't blown me away in the past I'd be happy to see if does improve with a revisit.


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