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Everyone got their copies of the newly-released Brink volume, I hope?

Mine arrived the other day, and since I've been working every single second since, I haven't had time to check- but...

Something wad bugging me, and it's just hit me what it is. The series was called MERCURY RETROGRADE wasn't it? Is it ever referred to by that title in the new collected edition? My initial flick leads me to think it's not. Just 'Book Five' throughout.

Could someone closer to a copy check that for me? I won't be home for DAYS!


Haven't bought Book 5 yet, but I'm pretty sure that the previous collected volumes ditched the original titles too (High Society, Hate Box etc.).
Editorially, I think this is a Bad Thing.
They should leave the original episode breaks, with opening title and even closing 'Next Prog'.

That might be so- I have books 1-4 as Ultimate Collection hardbacks, so this is the first paperback I've bought. If an editorial decision, it's an odd one!


Checked it and it is definitely only titled Book 5

I am not a fan of keeping episode titles and "next prog" and whatnot. With some stories that works, but with many it just gets in the way. I'm sure that's only personal preference, although I imagine some writers deliberately write a story with an eye on how it will look when it is collected.


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