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What's Daily Star Dredd?

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Roger Simian:
Like I said in the title: what's Daily Star Dredd?

Thread Zero:
You don't know?

Dredd arrested the Daily Star editor in a story, right?

He vowed revenge from his iso block.

And these are the stories.

Simple really.


Thread Zero:
Some people will tell you that the Daily Star Dredd were panel comic strips that were published in that newspaper in 1981.

Story by Wagner/Grant. Art by Ron Smith.

Then they will say they become shorter panel stories.

Then they will say they became continuous daily stories.

Then they will say they were axed.

I will say they are talking nonsense.


Roger Simian:
Ah, I feel satisfied - my thirst for knowledge quenched.

One other thing though.  Whatever became of Dredd's old landlady, Maria?

Thread Zero:
Maria, ahhhhhhhhhh.

Sad case.

Dredd dispensed with her services and she became just another victim of the homelessness that blights Mega City One's poorer sectors.

Know as cardboard city.
Dredd discovered her as a bag lady and an alcoholic to boot.

He ordered her to seek medical attention.

She is currently residing in the Betty Ford clinic for used up comic characters!

That last line was a joke by the way.



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