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Hey I am famous!!!!

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C'mon then logan post a topic & we'll get stuck in. It's a bit of a dull day around here. Did notice that you got a letter printed this month...


Thread Zero:
Blimey, Logan you are in a foul mood.


Me and Matt are chat room lovers that's all.

We can't help if everyone else here is as boring as the proverbial paint drying on a wall.

Can we?

So chill with the ill.

As Max Normal would say.


Anyway Logan, having just visited the Class of '79 message board I found the following post:

More than 100 models of FM radio receivers in compact size, light weight and fashion design. All are designed for promotion and sport. Most prices are around one dollar. Custom logo and imprint can be printed on the radios for advertising purpose. Please visit our Web site to the all the products and details at http://www.haimei.com.


Thread Zero:
I wrote that Matt!



Dominic O'Rourke:
 I asked matt for a couple or three different boards, to cater for the fun rants, and two for 2kad and the meg, I do like to glance through scojo's stuff, but it does clog up and put off genuine and new queries


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