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Logan and anyone else , a legal question


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Logan or anyone else,

I wonder if you can help me here.

This is a bit off the usual Dredd stuff posted here. Sorry about that!

We know the judges are the judicial power in the big meg and yet there are lawyers.

I cannot recall a Dredd story where there have been lawyers representing their clients in a court of law.
And yet lawyers exist.

Civil judges (similar to judges in other depts) must preside over litigation, compensation disputes etc I guess.

I know welfare is controlled by the judges so I assume they also control and "judge" all civil cases too.
We just don't see them shown in Dredd's world.

I am curious for research purposes.

Any ideas Logan or anyone else?

scojo the bore

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Maybe you could ask John Wagner?

I am sure the judges do judge all civil disputes.
Seems logical I think.


I'm just guessing, but maybe Mega City One runs on the same lines as the British judicial system, and has Judges for criminal cases and magistrates for civil cases.

And even if there are no courts of law, there would still be plenty for lawyers to do - suing the Justice Department for unneccesary shooting in the head, mainly...

I do know that Judges have certain civil powers: they can perform marriage ceremonies and have the power to declare couples divorced if needs be. As for lawyers: I have read many Judge Dredd stories where sleazy lawyers defend their criminal clients during investigations (mostly to no avail). With so much crime and criminals in Mega-City One, it's only logical for there to be loads of lawyers.

Lawyers appear in the story when the story benifits from them. So, they appear to prevent Dredd from harassing a mayor crime boss so that Dredd has to go about his case in a different manor, but they don't appear when Dredd is arresting someone for jaywalking.


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