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Invasion 1984!

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The exclamation point is theirs, not mine!

Has anyone read this recently released cracker from The Treasury of British Comics?

It was a must buy for me as I'd never heard of it and an alien invasion of the world is a good starting point for any story. Oh and it's Wagner/Grant with Eric Bradbury on art.

Firstly the book is lovely. Brilliant reproductions of the black and white pages with the covers in full colour inserted into the pages - two or three are story covers that are 'continued inside' so it's great they have been preserved.

It only runs for 128 pages but it crams a lot in and I gorged it down in two sittings.

With the three page episodes there is a lot of repetition with the hero, who's a linguist you know, introduced every week.

The aliens look mental - like skeletal Samurai warriors complete with ray guns and swords. They do take prisoners however, but don't ask what they do with them!

The story is endlessly nihilistic with characters bumped off every week and Glasgow getting picked for a practice nuke! Seemingly did millions of pounds worth of improvements!

The action is relentless and it's so grim you can't wait for the happy ending - bound to be one surely?!

A cracking book and along with 'Marley the Fox' the pick of the IPC litter to date.

Thanks for that review, I was in two minds about whether to buy it, but I think I will now.

It's a great selection for reprint. Bradbury's art grew on me slowly back then, nicely dense and satisfying...
Only the vaguest memory of what happened, I was never too attached to the prog's 'sister paper'.

Thing is, think I only own one old Battle and that's 'cos my childish scribblings appeared. You don't throw them out! There's a lovely Invasion 1984'!' cover as well. So that's nice  :P

I believe this is one of those classics that you can bank under your "definitely purchase category". I was always a great fan of Bradbury's work since the days of Doomlord. So yes the art is great (especially if you like his art). The story as with any Wagner/Grant collaboration is also top-notch.

I went for this and El Mestizo courtesy of the recent subscriber offer.  It does stand up well all things considered.  I would agree that it is a showcase of Bradbury's art and quality stuff.  I know elsewhere comments have been made about the alien tech designs but that can be forgiven considering everything else.

A lot of what was in the plot is very much Grover fare.  The 'Rat Pack'-esque special forces unit, deferential military leadership, non-existent / incompetent politicians .... Considering the intended audience and how much water has passed under the bridge since it was original published,  these lapses can be forgiven.  It was amusing as well how much the plot parallels that of "Independence Day" by a good decade!

It's a fairly vanilla publication.  Standard paperback with a handful of covers reproduced, there is a brief creator bio but that is pretty much it.  When you consider the effort that Titan have gone to when they've reprinted some of the Battle stuff, it is a bit of a disappointment but then again this is also being a little pedantic.

Overall then it is a nice bit of nostalgia.  Arguably worth the time and money.  Be prepared for some of the flaws and accept it in all it's imperfections.  Should be on everyone's shelves.


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