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Meg 440: Fully Loaded!

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Ooh – wraparound cover. Alas, no print for me. (Is that the case for everyone?) Anyway, on with the strips…

Dredd returns to McConville’s time-travel shenanigans, which feels a bit like it’s talking place in an alternate time stream from the main Dredd strip, to some degree. (Although, TBF, that’s all Dredd these days.) Nice to see a range of judges (and no insulting stereotypes). The story itself seems good so far.

Death Cap lost me early on in fridging/murdering kids, but this episode is a little better. Nice art (not least the Carlos tribute), but it all feels a little empty to me. I’m not sure I care what happens to the protagonist, which is never a good thing.

Diamond Dogs III has some nice moments. It feels markedly less futuristic than Dredd. Remove the judges and much of it could be happening in a BBC 1 drama. For all that, it’s fine, and I might do a re-read at some point, to remind myself of how everything got to this point.

Interlude: Ennis chats about Hawk the Slayer and Steve White digs into his career on 2000 AD and beyond.

Lawless remains the Meg’s high point for me. I don’t know where Abnett’s taking this, but there’s plenty of intrigue and some wonderful character moments.

Surfer continues to build. Strange to see Wagner hiding away at the back of the Meg, but with this and Lawless it ends well.

Lawless > Surfer > Dredd > Diamond Dogs > Death Cap

Colin YNWA:
Am I right in thinking that the floppie is the first part of Hawk the Slayer?

Cover by Stewart Kenneth Moore:

Cover and Logo:


--- Quote from: Colin YNWA on 17 January, 2022, 11:51:02 AM ---Am I right in thinking that the floppie is the first part of Hawk the Slayer?

--- End quote ---
Yes. I’ve not read that yet.


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