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The Amstor Computer:

--- Quote from: CalHab on 26 November, 2016, 08:29:01 AM ---She's got a Vertigo series out at the moment, Survivors Club, and also appears in the Future Shock documentary.

--- End quote ---

Ah, cool - I've not been keeping up with US comics so I didn't realise she had a series on the go. Will be interested to see what this Durham Red is like.

If it's anything like her Japanese Rapunzel story in Fairest it'll be... interesting, if nothing else. Never thought I'd be saying this, but I really like it when Tharg puts new writers on these 'stalled' characters - Beeby's Anderson was a real highlight of this year's Prog for me. Durham Red could certainly use a fresher take than the Young Durham stuff from a while back.

Taryn Tailz:
Well I've seen the Future Shock documentary, so I'm obviously more familiar with her than I thought.

Thanks guys. :)

Leigh S:
Excited to see a new take on Durham Red, a character who hasnt had the best of it even from her first appearance for my money  - a female (co)writer might be just the thing she needs and if Lauren Beukes is the person I think she is from the podcasts, she seemed to have a very good handle on 2000AD, so bring it on

Saw the announcement yesterday and my eyes nearly ruptured at the news of new Nikolai Dante. Even if it's just a one-off, it'll have a hard time NOT being the best thing I read next year.

In any other occation the news of new Zombo would be the highlight for me, but gosh darn it, Zombo is a top 10 thrill where as Dante is a top 3!


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