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Film & TV / Re: Guillermo del Toro's Cabinet of Curiosities
« on: Today at 08:31:54 AM »
I only watched Witch House, which was fairly pants, and the one about the lockup auction, which I found a bit disappointing too. For both, there was just too much spectacle and not enough story or creepiness.  Witch House in particular had a hugely haphazard plot that didn't seem to know what it wanted to be.

Also a huge problem for both was the very long focus on their respective monsters.  I found myself wondering what kind of fibreglass they used for the witch's face.

So yeah, so far I'm not impressed.  However, I might watch the Autopsy one based on you guys' accounts.

General / Re: Things that went over your head...
« on: 26 November, 2022, 12:02:39 AM »
Wow. Like I said, I was 11.  The telly was showing the Real Ghostbusters to my age group, while Tharg was providing a naked man drinking his own bath broth shortly after shagging a goddess in front of a crowd, and ripping someone's heart out through his throat.

General / Re: Things that went over your head...
« on: 25 November, 2022, 12:34:12 PM »
Now we're talking.  Never noticed Robym the friendzoned dwarf in that Fabry one of nudie Medb - he's not the first thing that catches one's eye, in fairness.

I seem to remember the Bisley one was on the same page as a fairly clear shot of Feg's non-functioning bits.

Now I'll be shunning the filth on this thread for a few minutes.

Off Topic / Re: The Black Dog Thread
« on: 24 November, 2022, 08:02:25 PM »
I remember a few weeks into my old call centre job I got up, got the bus to work from the other side of town, arrived at the door of the office, realised I didn't have the heart to go in, turned round and went home. I got it together a bit the next day and made it into the office, and realised no one had even noticed.  I was trying to sell a very shitty insurance product that I didn't really understand, and I think I only sold one - in hindsight I wish I hadn't. 

It was an exploitative, insidious business and I would have been insulted myself had it been offered to me.   Any time I've been offered an unsolicited sale since, I've quoted a gruff-sounding Scot I'd read my phone pitch to once: 'You're wasting your time. '

Which of course is not to say that there's anything wrong with call centres - I just worked in a particularly shitty one for a particularly shitty business.  Hope you lads have better days ahead at your ones.

Sharky, sorry to hear about this odd bit of news you've had.   It's something that I hadn't heard of before and don't quite understand - for me it just doesn't seem to tally with your very imaginative fiction, your evocative drawing and, indeed, the incredibly vivid dreams you describe to us.

I believe you totally, though, of course - it's your brain, not mine.  Hope you can come to terms with the whole thing and find a bit of peace.

News / Re: Christmas Prog line-up revealed
« on: 23 November, 2022, 08:09:01 PM »
When Garth Ennis took over from John Wagner on Dredd / Gronk duties, I really hated that he was in the prog.  Now, he's kind of like Santa Claus - I get excited about his rare visits and the goodies he brings.

I'm glad it's him who'll accompany the last Kev O'Neill work that will ever grace the prog's pages.  Also, although I haven't hugely enjoyed a lot of Pat Mills' stuff over the last few years, it's a weird thought that this will probably be the last time we'll see him in the prog too.

Looking forward to the Christmas prog.


Off Topic / Re: This is the News!
« on: 23 November, 2022, 06:27:14 PM »
I really, really hope the thread isn't locked. I would very much miss a place to discuss current affairs.

EDIT: Just realised that might sound like sarcasm but it's not. Funt, if you're leaving, I'll miss your input a lot too.

General / Re: Things that went over your head...
« on: 23 November, 2022, 04:42:55 PM »
Not showing up for me, I'm afraid.

When The Horned God came along, of course, we weren't even doing the 'conveniently-placed shadows and scenery' thing to preserve her modesty any more.  Which was great news for all readers (or at least for 14-year-olds in a country where even shredded hedge-porn was a rarity).

General / Re: Kevin O'Neill 1953 - 2022
« on: 19 November, 2022, 04:22:47 PM »


Hey, sixmo - to get the image link (rather than the page link), you need to right-click the image (in imgur), and select "Open image in new tab". I'm assuming using a PC, and Chrome browser.

Your image link is: https://i.imgur.com/k2ovo0k.jpeg

And, here it is in img tags:


Utterly arsom.

General / Re: Things that went over your head...
« on: 19 November, 2022, 12:12:03 AM »
See also Fabry's Medb, establishing shot, prog 502. Dearie me.

Well, absolutely, though even that scene with its blatant eroticism was wasted on 11-year-old me at the time.  Even Belardinelli had her skinny-dipping after her 'rescue' from the Wicker Man.  The brief for artists seems to be 'don't worry about how anyone else drew her, just make teenage lads feel a bit funny'.

Off Topic / Re: The Black Dog Thread
« on: 19 November, 2022, 12:05:20 AM »
It's fecking hard, alright, the whole call centre thing.  I used to be absolutely exhausted at the end of a day on the phones.  Hope you can stick it out, though, and keep the momentum going now you're making some money.

Off Topic / Re: This is the News!
« on: 19 November, 2022, 12:02:35 AM »
Get off the fence and say what you really think, Richard.  You're right, though, of course.

General / Re: 10 Greatest Judge Dredd Comics Of All Time?
« on: 18 November, 2022, 11:57:27 PM »
Oooh, you really are the living end.

Off Topic / Re: Life is riddled with a procession of minor impediments
« on: 18 November, 2022, 03:06:44 PM »
Ah yeah, Sub City are sound - since my switch to digital, though, I'm not half as familiar with the place as I used to be.  IIRC, the main man there was Rob Curley, who was an indie-press script droid in his own right.

I generally used to try to buy my paper prog in one of the few newsagents that still stocked it, however.  My thinking was that I could singlehandedly turn back the clocks and convince newsagents that selling comics was a good idea.  Ah, the ideals of youth. 

Truth is, if 2000ad was as scarce in the shops when I was a kid as it later became, I never would have found it in my small Irish town and would be a nonscrot to this day.

News / Re: The Great Dante Readthrough Podcast
« on: 18 November, 2022, 01:07:11 PM »
Looking forward to these - once again it's a long work day but your podcasts always brighten them up.

General / Re: Things that went over your head...
« on: 18 November, 2022, 10:21:03 AM »
I was only 11 when Sláine the King came out, and it never occurred to me to wonder why Fomorians only enslaved the prettiest women in Sláine's tribe. :(
I was 16, and not much ever occurred to me at all.
The pretty ladies were very pretty, though.

I don't think I even noticed back then.  Bisley's Medb, now, was another matter entirely.

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