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The Killing make a killing on this one.

Too many stone puns in Stone Killers for me - killed the whole thing stone dead. Drule for the win.

Schicklgruber Grab - great stuff with added Hitler.

Love a Big Bust - far more substance than the thinly veiled Royal jibes in Royal affair.

Still 'no' on the comedy Reagan for me - Portrait all the way.

Max Bubba (Ragnarok) is classic Carlos SD - Final Solution is fine but it's something else, not classic SD.

Moses! Don't allow another travesty of this nature to occur again!

Chinky gets to chink another day on Mayger Minor.

Classifieds / Re: Subscriber pin badge set of four
« on: 07 August, 2021, 11:51:14 PM »
I have a set of these up for grabs - £25 to Eamonn's just giving page will secure post paid! Just claim them here and once the donation is confirmed, send me your details by personal message and I'll send them off straight away.

Hope OK Eamonn ? Strike while the market's hot!

Outlaw is clearly great but it predated my Prog buying. Judgement Day was one of my first episodic experiences and I liked it despite the shifts in artists and tone - Dennis Menniss? - so lets give the flawed epic, that reshaped Dredd's world (again), the nod.

Like to be contrary when possible but this is a Rage walkover for me.

hahaha the title says 'Big Boys Bust' - was this post for another forum / publication? hahahaha!
Big Boys Bust, er, Bad Boys Bust for me.

The stones was daft - how do they go to the toilet?! But good fun and I liked the Stix element. Stone Killers for me.

After knowing of this story for many years I've only just realised that the 'Slavers of Drule' is a pun on two dribbling terms - slavering and drool !

The Killing for me. Second choice? The Killing (bigger print version).

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