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Creative Common / Which bits of the body do you draw first?
« on: 12 March, 2011, 08:58:04 AM »
As I embark on pulling down the ceiling of our family room, Tiny Tips is drawing dragons.

They are big things and he was wondering:

When drawing a complicated figure, some of which will be obscured in the final image, do you work from back to front or front to back?

(We are talking pencil and paper here)

Film & TV / The Brian Cox thing last night on Beeb 2
« on: 07 March, 2011, 12:42:14 PM »
Or is it Bryan...

Anyway, I came in about 3/4 of the way through so didn't catch the name of the show that was on last night but I liked it.

I'm a fan of his style anyway and he nicely worked his way through entropy to the inevitable heat death of the universe in a way I could relate to (except the numbers, obviously) and vaguely understand. 

Being as much about personal philosophy and belief as the actual physics of the stars, reminded me of the old Carl Sagan COSMOS thing from back in the 70s/80s. (I wonder how that has aged) and made it a lot less dry.

But yeah, more for this old Sauropod please.

Off Topic / I couldn't get to the end of...
« on: 01 March, 2011, 12:29:05 PM »
So what have you started reading/watching/listening fully intending to enjoy but never actually made it to the end of... (not stuff that you haven't seen or have no intention of seeing)

ON THE ROAD - Jack Kerouack. "Then we went here and did this. Then we went there. Then we went back here." Yawn.
BLEAK HOUSE - Charles Dickens. "And then the key witness sponataneoulsy combusted".  Even a coincidence too far for Dickens.

FROM HELL - I've tried three times now. First time, I stopped at the first scene of Aberline doing drugs and second time it was him having visions (or was it the other way round)
ULTRA VIOLET - Started watching last night with the full intention of lots Mila goodness but just couldn't watch...

HEROES - No, lost it in Season 2.
V (the new one) - Didn't grab me after three episodes.

Film & TV / Who trained Yoda?
« on: 26 February, 2011, 09:06:40 PM »
The title says it all.

Off Topic / Something wicked this way comes - from Edinburgh
« on: 09 February, 2011, 11:30:52 PM »
For reasons slightly too complicated to go into here, I want to compose a list of bad, evil and generally smelly things about EDINBURGH.  So I can do a short quiz where the answer to each question is Edinburgh.

You know, like "From 1842 to 1898, which UK city had the highest rate of syphlis?*" and the answer would always be "Edinburgh".

Or this sort of thing from TIMES ONLINE back in 2008
Edinburgh, for all its festivals and spectacular skyline, was named yesterday as the most miserable place to live in Britain.

So let rip with your horrible facts about Auld Reekie.

(Oh and if you have great, happy and brilliant facts about Glasgow, let me have them as well).

Games / Steve Brown: Games designer and Dredd artist?
« on: 07 February, 2011, 12:56:04 PM »
Flicking through Edge the other night, I came across a picture of 80s "Page 3 Stunna" Maria Whittaker* in an article about the game Barbarian. (I believe her being on the cover and the violence were it's main selling points).

Anyway, the chap what wrote the game**, Steve Brown, also appears to have been a Dredd artist; or so it says in the article.  I don't recall the name - anybody else?

* She's quite pretty if you can get beyond that melon-breasted dwarf look that was the fashion in the 80s. (I was a Kathy Lloyd fan myself).

** For you younger readers, back in the seventies and eighties you could design, write, test, publish and distribute a game on your own. The internet was known as C60 cassette tapes.

Off Topic / Who was the coolest person in World War II?
« on: 26 January, 2011, 09:26:31 PM »
The title says it all really but Tiny Tips has a bit of homework to do a mini-bio of somebody famous from World War II.

I'm sure his class will come up with a dozen Winston Churchills and more than a few Adolf Hitlers but I was thinking about something slightly off the wall and less obvious than the big leaders.

Ideas I've had so far have been:

Major Dick Winters (from Band of Brothers)
Oskar Schindler
Von Staffenberg (because I took him to see Valkyrie at the cinema and he quite liked it)
Robert Oppenheimer
Douglas Bader
That Parachute Regiment Major who took Pegasus Bridge (obviously not that famous as I can't remember his name but I think it's cool that he was played by Richard Todd who was one of the soldiers that re-inforced them).
Major Easy
D-Day Dawson

(OK, we might not get away with the last two)

Yes, yes. We know that War is Hell and it doesn't make anybody cool.

(Or does it)

Books & Comics / late to the party: The Walking Dead
« on: 14 December, 2010, 07:00:39 PM »
Started on this a few months back via the collected trades. I buy myself a couple every pay day. Am up to 8 now.

Good things: the zombies, most of the art (sometimes have trouble telling folk apart but perhaps that is one of the points), the sense of isolation, the gore (especially the mutilation wrought on The Governor - so different in style from a lot of, say, Ennis comedy gore), "It's a girl", the gradual mutilation of our hero.

Bad bits: people don't speak like that, the cast can be too big (and indistinguishable) sometimes, they would have found the Prison before then, sometimes think zombies aren't consistent.

One big problem (possibly mentioned on TV thread) is that having no reason for zombies ("They just are") works fine for a two hour narrative film but after 8 volumes I am starting to look for answers. 

General / Down our way...
« on: 20 August, 2010, 05:42:33 PM »
The local newsagent in Stewarton, Ayrshire sells two progs a week (other than mine).

what about yours?

Film & TV / Late to the party: SLITHeR
« on: 19 August, 2010, 11:21:31 PM »
Quite enjoyed this even though it couldn't decide what type of monster movie it wanted to be. Is it zombies? Is it alien hordes orb is it lone alien?

Film & TV / late to the party: 28 WEEKS LATER
« on: 19 August, 2010, 11:18:44 PM »

Spoilers below.

Great start with Carlyle's cowardice but they failed to explore it.

Did not like him becomingv a clever stalking zombie and have no idea how they escaped locked down air space.

Good bits: Caryle at the start, the helicopter sequence, Imogen Poots.

Events / Self pimping: Gig in Edinburgh 16th August lunchtime
« on: 11 August, 2010, 10:11:50 PM »
If you happen to be wandering down the Royal Mile in Edinburgh at lunchtime on Monday 16th August, you might like to nip into the White Horse pub.

There, you will see me and four or five other fine acts performing the art of standup comedy.

It's part of the Free Fringe so it's FREE and the most you can waste is a lunch hour.

All shows at the Fringe have to have a theme to make them seem relevant and mature and a little bit arty. This year, my theme is KNOB GAGS.  I'm a back to basics kind of guy.

Show starts at 1230pm; not sure of the rest of the lineup but so far (well, according to this link) they've all been pretty good.

or Search for MIRTH OF FORTH on Facebook for more details.

Books & Comics / BATMAN 700
« on: 21 July, 2010, 11:12:21 PM »
OK, I got most of it but some iffy art (especially around the Professor and his age and whether he had a big hole in his chest or not in some panels) left me confused as to exactly what was going on.  I think I figured out who each of the Batman were (though I'm not that regular a reader).  The quietely vignette was the best, I think.

But anyway, can someone spell it out exactly for me?

Film & TV / (Who rewatches the) Watchmen?
« on: 21 July, 2010, 04:31:19 PM »
Found myself with 3 hours on my own this morning so rewatched Watchmen on dvd for the first time since cinema.

I rightenjoyed it too.  The first hour is best (I think that approximates to the first two issues). And while it sticks closely, I'm glad it's not slavish to the comic.

Interedting to note that it never attempts to be "real" like, say, Batman Begins.

I don't like the way it feels the need tov explain everything in simplistic termd though. For all the big ideas and density it does rather lead the viewer by the hand at times.

But Malin Ackerman has a great bum.

« on: 29 June, 2010, 11:32:55 PM »
It's an ASDA 2 for 1 thing model URC20-D2f.

The batteries fell out the other night and it's lost the sttings for my ancient panasonic and the dvd player (both of whose remotes are barely working).

Searching the internet, all I can find is a thousand questions asking if anybody has the codes for them or a 1000 sites all wanting to charge me £20 for a pdf of a manual.

So where can I get a manual for free?

Or, on the off chance any of you still have the instructions handy, how do I get it to scan and pick up the codes for my telly and dvd again (I've been trying various combinations that seem logical to me but no joy so far).

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