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Film & TV / Re: Last movie watched...
« on: 30 November, 2021, 05:56:19 PM »
Black Widow - it's not completely awful. I'm not sure what I'd expect from a Marvel movie at this stage. Scorsese's right: it's not really cinema (even though it is perhaps what some aspect of cinema has become).

The plot seems to be that a whole bunch of Nikita-types have been mind-controlled by a rather portly and wheezing "Ah'm the Daddy now!", and they can only be freed by spraying some magic potion on them.

Also: what is family? Is it beating each other up and hating? Maybe.

I just couldn't get past the horse head. For the art: Trash.

I liked The Clown - art and manic story of insane revenge - but I really rated the noir of Breathing Space.

Off Topic / Re: Real life accidents on film/tv sets
« on: 30 November, 2021, 03:18:46 PM »
So you're saying we should just destroy the entire planet with a giant space gun?

General / Re: The 2021 2000AD Messageboard Advent Calendar
« on: 30 November, 2021, 03:15:11 PM »
1st -
2nd -
3rd -
4th -
5th -
6th -
7th -
8th -
9th -
10th -
11th -
12th -
13th -
14th -
15th -
16th -
17th -
18th -
19th -
20th -
21st -
22nd -
23rd - Double Secret Project Epsilon (Funt Solo)
24th -
25th - EVERYONE!

Off Topic / Re: Threadjacking!
« on: 30 November, 2021, 05:53:57 AM »
I don't know - I find these Klingon books a little high brow.

General / Re: Now I Know My ABCs...
« on: 30 November, 2021, 05:45:52 AM »
A-Z updates

Added some of the more obscure items, mostly so I know what I'm voting for in Colin's mega-vote.
Stories section:   
   Bob the Galactic Bum                        
   The Bogie Man                        
   Bonjo From Beyond the Stars                                 
   Carver Hale   
   [Colonel Kovert]                                    
   Danzig's Inferno                     
   Darkness Visible
   Dead Men Walking
   From Grace      
   The Great Detective Caper
   [Infinity Inc.]                              
   Kid Cyborg

Off Topic / Re: Threadjacking!
« on: 29 November, 2021, 10:28:50 PM »
It's certainly something to ruminate on.

Off Topic / Re: Real life accidents on film/tv sets
« on: 29 November, 2021, 10:26:34 PM »
So many blanks, with nobody getting hurt, would suggest that, in general, safety protocols that are in place work well the vast majority of the time.

The specifics around the tragic incident on the set of Rust will no doubt come to light over time - there are certainly a few court case irons in the fire, and a police investigation.

I'm not too sure what we're comparing, and I'm assuming this is just the Inaba titled episodes of Babes With Big Bazookas and Big Lix & Flying Kicks, with Hondo City Justice getting its own chance later.

On that basis - my vote goes to Droid Life, for many years of creative punning.

Metalzoic is genius on rye, hold the mayo.

Off Topic / Re: Real life accidents on film/tv sets
« on: 29 November, 2021, 06:46:08 PM »
The two sides of the argument seem to be:

A. People put their trust in experts all the time, in situations that could be deadly if the expert has either made a mistake or been lax in their duties.

B. People should become experts on everything that could potentially be deadly, that they operate. So - blank-firing guns on film sets, cars, gas appliances...

That's fine if you want to go with B, but I just don't see how it makes any sense.

Off Topic / Re: Real life accidents on film/tv sets
« on: 29 November, 2021, 04:54:43 PM »
No no - I'm with Shark on this one. When I enter an aircraft, I always insist on checking the tire pressure, taking chemical samples of the food for traces of salmonella, breathalyzing the pilot and carrying out a psychiatric evaluation of the copilot.


Off Topic / Re: Real life accidents on film/tv sets
« on: 29 November, 2021, 03:33:32 PM »
I thought the plot to Captain America: Civil War was pretty weak (in terms of motivation for conflict within the group), but now...

General / Re: Judge Death's Helmet
« on: 28 November, 2021, 10:50:45 PM »
List of all his appearances and posters and whatnot, here.

Skimming through that, is the New Scientist story from a few years back in there?  Couldn't remember what the story was called, but I didn't find "scientist" when I searched.

No, for two reasons:

1. I only know about it because you just mentioned it.
2. My data only covers publications from the House of Tharg, m'lud. (Not strictly true, or even definable, but  there you go.)

[Starts looking for a copy of that New Scientist...]


Good luck with the knitting. That modern Deadworld saga by those fellas Kek-W and Dave Kendall has some pretty out-there renditions of Death where his helmet is much more gnarly than the clean Bolland version.

Yes, Bolland's helmet is much more polished fnarr fnarr woof woof etc.

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