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Books & Comics / "The Death of Johnny Alpha"
« on: 15 June, 2010, 01:33:07 PM »
The Death of Johnny Alpha

Is it a band or something?

Books & Comics / Metro 60 Second interview Hivemind question.
« on: 03 June, 2010, 12:57:34 PM »
I was suprised to read that todays interview is with China Miéville. Who is apparently among other things a writer of Sci-Fi.

When I was about 5 years old he was my best pal and although I lost touch when we where still Sprogletts over 30 years ago, I was wondering if the Hivemind have any thoughts on his books like if they are worth a look?

General / (Another) One for the Hive Mind
« on: 23 May, 2010, 09:28:01 AM »
I am looking for information and map reference on the Mega Citys of Dredds world. I have a stack of progs but can't remember where to look also former useful links and pictures on the site are no longer Here or Here
So I was wondering apart from Block Mania & The Apocalypse War and that world map on Barney and a random site in Catalan, Spain can anyone remember any sites or Progs numbers that have references?
Does anyone disagree with the world map for things likes MC2 really being as far in to mexico as that world map shows? Did East meg 1 streach from St Petersburg to Moscow to Volgograd and as far east as at least Kazan (as I always thought) or is/was it in the Surgut area like the map seems to show? East meg 2 is it built around Lake Baikal?
Also,This thread is awsome for Post Apocalypse War information but is it ever mentioned how many sectors MC1 Had before the war? Or is that mentioned in the Bobs Law sector reorg episode?
yours with confusion


News / Mark Millar 60 second inrtview. Metro 29.03.2010
« on: 29 March, 2010, 07:09:27 AM »
Says of Kick Ass "It's made by Daily Mail readers for Daily Mail readers"

Books & Comics / New Mr Amperduke book in the works. Yay!
« on: 13 February, 2010, 01:46:38 PM »
I have been a great fan of Bob Byrnes work since his Mr Amperduke Short was show cased in the Meg a few years ago. I bought the Mr Amperduke Graphic Novel as soon as it was available and have to say it is a brilliant book that I hold in equil high regard to tales like Maus, Persepolis and other none 'men in tights' comic works on my book shelf.

Any way, I recently have found out that he is working on a second Mr Amperduke book called 'Tourist Trade' and thought I would post some links for those interested.

Web site

Preview bit

General / Why is every one selling thier progs suddenly?
« on: 05 December, 2009, 03:10:15 PM »
We have had a sudden run of people selling collections of 2000ad. but it is more than a couple. I know it’s the run up to Xmas/Recession but surely it’s a higher number then usual or normal at this time of year?

Comments welcome

Suggestions / Harry 20 (years later) on the High Rock?
« on: 26 November, 2009, 08:15:14 PM »
Who would you think could pull it off writing wise?
Who would you think could pull it off art wise?
Do you think it should be done?

Help! / Thrill Power Overload!
« on: 14 November, 2009, 12:08:09 PM »
I have recently moved in with Mrs Tweak and as I now have what I can term a 'Boy Room' in which I can finally sort out my Progs and other Titles.

Over the years my Thrill Power containment units have taken a battering having been stored in attics, on top of cupboards or hallways.

Talk about Prog Slog!

The thing is I need advice as to the best way or technique to sort them before putting them in to boxes on shelves. Piles of 10 or 50 or 100? Faced with this how would you do it?


After listening to an excellent interview on one of the best pod cast series I have listened I began wondering about a couple of series from Eagle that I Loved at the time but was not able to enjoy as much as I should have (due to dyslexia) the first time around. I know that a few years ago there where the excellent Fan reprints of the first illustrated run of Doomlord and the brilliant 13th Floor where done but what about The Tower King and The House of Daemon? Is there any chance of these being reprinted? Or are they trapped in copyright hell?

Film & TV / The Mutant Chronicals
« on: 18 September, 2009, 09:00:40 PM »
About 2/3rds the way through this and I have to say.... Its not to bad. Its done on blue screen sets like Sin City and 300 so manages to have some pretty cool VR sets. The cast is pretty good, whatshis face from the first Punisher remake (who did a brilliant Punisher is an OK version) and also thingy from Hellboy. The script is a lot less ropey then I was expecting. Not Shakespear mind you but not utter shit either. It reminds me of what I thought was an awesome cheap Sci Fi of the early 90s called DeathMachine. I beleive that its based on a RPG of some sort so if any one knows how it compares let of know. But if you like a good cheap Sci Fi that really trys to stretch it self then watch this. 

I am going to go down the joint subs route again at the end of the year as it has on the whole been a very successful and pleasant experience for me. As I was buying both comics I got a really cool Judge Dredd cup as my free gift. I was so impressed I have been looking forward to what will be on offer this year but the Droid Life poster as seen in Prog 1650 now on offer is less then exciting. Am I the only one who is unimpressed or is this gift the incentive you needed for going sub?

General / Dredd Font
« on: 18 July, 2009, 04:05:27 PM »

I was wondering if above font created (IIRC) by a lady art worker(?) for Judge Dredd waaaaaaay back in the 70's is avalible from anywhere?

Off Topic / The Longest Day
« on: 20 June, 2009, 10:57:54 AM »

General / Megazine #285
« on: 27 May, 2009, 05:46:21 PM »
I am happy to announce that I have got my first letter printed in a 2000ad publication. Specificity Judge Dredd Megazine #285, under the heading 'Mega-tastic'.
I am pleased as punch as I have never written in before. Unless I was blind drunk and cant remember. Any way, I am now looking forward to getting my 2000ad GN. That is all.

 :ugeek:  :ugeek:  :ugeek:

With Dandontdares recent anniversary postings I wondered if the Hivemind could tell me what number of posts gets you what title?

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