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Events / Re: Enniskillen - June 18th 2022
« on: 05 June, 2022, 04:55:35 PM »
Looking forward

Will the lion and the eagle be collected or singles?

(And not for PJ….) is Hibernian attending?

I’m sure I’ll be happily voting for Dante in later rounds but caballistics is damm near top of my post-Prog 500 greats list. Dom is such a unique artist and the characters so strong, including old Harry himself. All time top thrill.

Nemesis (despite how swoony and excellent IP’s return was)

Kirby was of zero interest to me. Whereas maze had peak Gibson so it gets my vote.

Ace trucking good buddy

Doggos beat (cool) cats.



Okay then, Strange & Darke

Future Shocks for the constant joy of new b&w artists.

Insurrection was fucking great but FS is an institution. 

Really enjoyed Counterfeit Girl and we don’t get enough Rufus in the prog!

Lobster Random

Who needs to come back and finish The Vort….

In all honesty I don’t think I’ve read tribal memories since it’s publication tho I see it’s in an extreme edition I have so will. But a fond disposition and nostalgia can’t dispose the huge fun and Dave Taylor beauty of Megatropolis

It might be round 3 but it’s Phase IV…. Ant wars!

Unless you’ve operated on your own brain it’s Metalzoic

Books & Comics / Re: Free Comic Book Day 2022
« on: 08 May, 2022, 05:24:50 PM »
If anyone else knows where to pick one up online I’d appreciate it - my local comic book store is now a £15 quid round trip petrol wise so it was looking quite an expensive comic book day for me so skipped it for the first time

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