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News / Re: 2000AD Podcast ep 30!!
« on: 13 August, 2010, 09:10:30 PM »
About 1/3 of the way through and it's a good show people! Informative and energetic! :)

Suggestions / Re: Can we get a new printing of complete case files 5?
« on: 13 August, 2010, 06:56:11 AM »
I've got the same problem with Nemesis 3. Think that's a good suggestion to go trolling round physical shops. More pricey but if that's the only way... a-trolling we will go! :)

General / Re: This weeks Strontium Dog
« on: 13 August, 2010, 06:44:40 AM »
Well yes it's controversial at the moment, but I'll tell you one thing... I'll be reading it the absolute second it comes through the front door on Saturday! :)

A gripping and pivotal moment for SD, for me at least.

General / Re: Which Editor "saved" 2000AD?
« on: 13 August, 2010, 06:33:42 AM »
Thanks all! As someone who spent his years in the wilderness from aroun the late 80s to about 2007 this has been very educational! :)

Prog / Re: Prog 1696 - Know Your Enemy
« on: 01 August, 2010, 10:34:42 PM »
Only read SD so far, but that I read as soon as the prog arrived! :D

I must admit I was a little concerned when the previous prog had the line "soul sucking's so passé"... Luckily we are back on track and then some! All fingers crossed that we're on for a strong ending. With so much riding on this it's not surprising any tiny perceived "wobble" causes disproportionate concern! ;)

Off Topic / Re: iPod/iPhone App thread
« on: 28 July, 2010, 09:02:29 PM »
GoodReader is a good pdf reader (as you'd hope from the name) and works well even for 400 page documents. I'd imagine it's pretty good for pdf comics.

Carcasonne is a good tile-based board game, ipod-ised which I'd recommend, particularly if you like the real life version.

Battle for Wesnoth is a good turn by turn fantasy wargame, with long campaigns and rpg elements.

General / Re: Unconfirmed price rise to £2.25?
« on: 28 July, 2010, 08:58:30 PM »
I'm more than happy to pay £2.25 for the best thing out there comics-wise!

General / Re: Carlos Ezquerra: lung cancer operation
« on: 24 July, 2010, 11:01:05 PM »
All the very best Carlos! Love your work! :D

Welcome to the board / Re: 2000 ADs Golden Years?
« on: 15 July, 2010, 10:31:48 PM »
First half of the eighties and the last three years for me! Absolutely amazing periods!

Particularly pleased with the current form - cracking stuff indeed! :D

Prog / Re: Prog 1693 - Aces High
« on: 15 July, 2010, 10:24:17 PM »
For someone like me who was "taking a break" from the comic for a decade or two this has been a very interesting thread on the whole Ho Gan situation. :)

The prog has just been great of late and makes me a happy subscriber indeed! Dredd and SD are superb, and even Savage and SinDex are winning me over more and more as time goes by. 2000AD is a national treasure and one I'm glad to support.

Liked the SinDex cover too. Thought that worked really well. More please!

Prog / Re: Prog 1692 - Inflamation Station
« on: 05 July, 2010, 10:32:34 PM »
Going to have to second the love for Patrick G's art! Cracking stuff indeed. Savage has turned into my favourite Mills story for donkeys ears!

Dredd continues to be very good indeed as does Strontium Dog.

Fantastic time to be a subscriber it really is! Thanks Tharg and the gang! :D

Events / Re: One Year Old
« on: 01 July, 2010, 09:16:52 PM »
Congratulations on the first anniversary! Looking forward to the party!

Think I'd put money on Colin being there judging by his excellent attendence rate!  :)

Prog / Re: Prog 1691 - Hell's Teeth!
« on: 29 June, 2010, 11:00:27 PM »
What to add to the above, well...

Lordy me, Dredd is on fire this week! I mean On Fire! :D

Also liking the way SD is building.  Quite hopeful this'll be a good'un!

Having grown up in Twickenham it was very nice to see so much Eel Pie Island this prog! :D

Prog / Re: Prog 1690 : The Candidate
« on: 22 June, 2010, 10:42:02 PM »
The new cover is clearly the best in my opinion.

It is nice but I do quite like McMahon one with the eagle framing Dredd. Nice imagery!

General / New PDF versions of trade paperbacks?
« on: 20 June, 2010, 11:26:25 PM »
I've been looking occasionally on drivethrucomics at the 2000AD range and see that there are a fair few titles but that new ones don't seem to be appearing. Is there a schedule for PDF versions anywhere?

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