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Dredd: The Complete Case Files

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Dash Decent:
The contents page for CF39 lists both "It's Your Funeral, Creep!" and "Six" starting on p.260.

"Six" actually starts on p.266.  Perhaps it's a feendish PJ Maybe puzzle: "Six" + "260" = 266?!

The bigger thing for me is how the lettering (thanks for Jim highlighting the importance of lettering) has change from the original prog/megs. tom Frame did most of letting and it has been completely altered from his original lettering. This is on the digital release not sure if it is true on the printed release.

The Cheat:
How are people storing their books? After reading, I've just been putting them vertically on my shelves (what I consider "normal"), but I've just gone back to start re-reading them and I've found that all the skinnier volumes (10ish+) have all developed an extreme bend due to the spines being thicker and more rigid than the other side of the books (the opening side). Looks like, although they appear to be wedged straight on the shelves when viewed from the front (spines out), the opening sides of the books (at the back of the shelf) aren't rigid enough to support the weight of the books, and they flop to one side or the other and thus develop the bend. Has anyone else noticed this and have any tips for trying to flatten the books out again?

Sound like an annoying problem. Mine are packed in quite tight, space being at a premium, so they haven't had room to bend. You could try storing yours flat for a while and see if they straighten out.

Prior to selling mine, I found the same. Stored flat with something heavy on top, they soon went back to normal. But this is a problem when you have wide shelves. (It doesn’t really happen with a Kallax or something.) Sadly, I’m finding hardcovers aren’t much better. They don’t bend in that way, but the pages sag instead. So I need to start building shoes for some of my collection.


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