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Rest Day - Bolt-01 Cup

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Colin YNWA:
As we head towards the last week of the group stage of qualifying we’ll have a rest day to allow folks to check what they have or haven’t voted on and allow the General Thread to clear a little.

Back Monday with the last 8 match ups and then we’ll have some play-offs...

Rogue Judge:
Thanks Colin. Looking forward to those playoffs, voting is going to get real tough!

Colin YNWA:
And another rest day today.

Then as the final results from the group games trickle in I will frantically run around this weekend sorting out all sorts of permutations and combinations, cursing myself for making this WAY more complex than I could have (secretly I really like it, but I am consious its put some folks off - live and learn).

I'll skip Monday as it a bank holiday (in the UK at least not sure how Canada and other voters countries fare on Monday) BUT probably try to find time to bombard this place with a LOAD of data and tables and info from the qualifies to explain the Play-offs and then I hope to get the play-offs going Tuesday...

... damn need to start thinking about what's next soon. And the question is should I be brave... should I...???

Colin YNWA:
So bare with me today - I might not get to pulling things together until later today and been too busy before now to get my prep done. Hope to start getting things sorted this afternoon....

Colin YNWA:
And another one of these I'm afriad today.

Look we’re all getting a bit tired of this aren’t we so today AND tomorrow are rest days (results aside) and… well actually that might turn into a rest week as I might be away this weekend and might not get the chance to prep for the tourney proper.

Don’t worry I’ll keep you informed and if I do miss next week we’ll be back - come hell or high water, the following week...

*I'm actually home so fingers crossed will get time to get going this weekend, we'll see


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