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Games / Re: Gamebooks
« on: 11 August, 2022, 01:45:16 PM »
I've done Demons of the Deep, Sword of the Samurai, Trial of Champions, Creature of Havoc and Beneath Nightmare Castle. Five books, and only one win! 😆

Mate, I’ve completed about two in the last 25 years and have played them all, some several times! My pal Ric has a compulsion to always move on to a new book after each defeat so by the time a book comes back round again we’ve forgotten what we did wrong the last time.

I cannot adequately describe the sheer emotion in his eyes last year when he realised we were reading the final paragraph of Liche Lord and we’d actually done it!

I like Rogue, despite some silliness (Colonel Kovert…). It tends to look great and I still think the bio-chips are a wonderful creation. (as an aside I have a friend who read 2000ad as a kid and his memory was ‘you were never sure if they were just voices in his head’ which added an existential dimension to things that I’d never thought of. I mean, it’s pretty explicit they’re not just voices in his head but still, that’s how he remembered it.). Also I still think the fact that Rogue is blue is really cool.

However. I’m voting Kingdom. Hope him and Leezee make a return before too long, and maybe build to a more satisfying conclusion.

Games / Re: Gamebooks
« on: 11 August, 2022, 10:36:34 AM »
I see from the inside back cover ad there was also a Legends of Zagor board game with miniatures and whatnot. Interesting!

Games / Re: Gamebooks
« on: 11 August, 2022, 10:34:44 AM »
Tonight I will be playing Legend of Zagor over Teams with my pal. I’m not committing to a full quest report but I will let you know how it goes and how we inevitably meet our doom!

Zenith has seen off some big hitters eh? Anderson’s had a comparatively easy ride so far.

Tough one this, I enjoy a lot of the Alan Grant Anderson, especially the later Ranson period, Half-life etc. Some of the more recent series have tried new things and some has worked for me and some hasn’t. Anderson also feels a bit more like ‘my’ 2000ad as I didn’t read Zenith at the time, just later on in collections, so it’s kind of this weird thing that sits outside my standard prog reading.

Zenith is consistently good all the way through though (well almost. That .com story is blehh).

Ach I’m voting Anderson.

General / Re: Forum’s Fav Thrill - Brass Sun vs. Savage Rd 5 Heat 14
« on: 11 August, 2022, 10:10:01 AM »
Brass Sun but this was a close one for me.

General / Re: Forum’s Fav Thrill - Skizz vs. ABC Warriors Rd 5 Heat 12
« on: 11 August, 2022, 10:09:11 AM »


Luke Kirby

Nemesis is a favourite of mine. I love Insurrection but Nemesis - the characters, the universe, Torquemada, Purity… O’Neill, Redondo, Talbot, Roach, Hicklenton, Flint. Actually book 3 was the first 2000ad I ever encountered, in a Best Of monthly. Blew my mind. So yep, Nemesis.

General / Re: Forum’s Fav Thrill - Lawless vs. Thistlebone Rd 5 Heat 9
« on: 08 August, 2022, 09:11:42 AM »
Lawless for me.

General / Re: Forum’s Fav Thrill - Low Life vs. The Out Rd 5 Heat 8
« on: 05 August, 2022, 10:15:31 AM »
Low Life was really good - and, in its time, felt like something the Dreddverse really needed. It never sat well with me, though, that Aimee's arc went from lead character to lead villain. It's an interesting arc, but it was a shame that Dirty Frank's popularity propelled him into the lead. Having female lead characters is a precious commodity in 2000 AD, and I was disappointed that Frank came to dominate so much. That Nixon then became one of those shouty villains that spends most of their time spitting their plans into a monitor screen in order to Basil Exposition their feelings (and the plot) was a shame. If you're echoing Below Zero something's gone wrong.

Summary: Low Life was great, and disjointed.

The Out gets my vote.

I was sad about the way Nixon went too. Still have a lot of affection for that character and hoped for a happier outcome for her.

This one is tough, once it hits its stride Low Life is a real favourite of mine. The Out is exceptional. Hrrrmmm.

I think I’m going with Low Life today but I’ve already changed my mind several times in the last few minutes.

Think I’m going with Stront in the actual contest though.

outside the prog, love and rockets has gone on forever and i can't think of any lows.

Agreed. I’m voting Love and Rockets.

General / Re: Forum’s Fav Thrill - Halo Jones vs. Shakara Rd 5 Heat 5
« on: 03 August, 2022, 10:13:56 PM »
Halo, but it’s a close call for me. Both tremendous.

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