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Books & Comics / Re: The Thirteenth Floor / Eagle question
« on: 25 January, 2020, 10:17:35 AM »
Thanks, mate.

I bailed on Eagle and Scream pretty quickly back in the day.

Books & Comics / The Thirteenth Floor / Eagle question
« on: 25 January, 2020, 07:36:39 AM »
Does anyone here know how long The Thirteenth Floor ran for in Eagle?  I know it wasn't in the final issue, but not sure what issue it last featured in.


I'm so sorry if I brought the Hucknall to this forum.

Mods, forgive me.

Games / Jydge
« on: 24 January, 2020, 03:51:22 PM »
I noticed a mention of this in the copyright infringement thread but it's worth a mention here too.

I really like Jydge.  It's a top-down twin-stick shooter that has a bit of a 10p Judge Dredd thing going on but after a while that doesn't really matter.  The main thing about it is the rogue-lite elements and the really good upgrade system.

And more importantly, the brilliant level design.  That's where it really impressed me.  The levels are so tightly designed, especially on harder difficulties. 

Worth a look if you see it dirt cheap in the PSN sales one day.

Games / Re: PSVR - Recommended or not?
« on: 24 January, 2020, 03:46:33 PM »
If you've never dabbled in VR before then this is how it goes.


Month 6:  why are all these games turret shooters and horror games.

Month 12:  I really should turn on my PSVR.

That said, there are some really good experiences.  No one talks about it but Rez Infinite is the best thing on there and is a legit 10/10 game for me. 

You'll need the Move controllers but the Aim gun is entirely optional (although it turns Arizona Sunshine from like a 4 to a 7).

I do kind of recommend PSVR but a couple of years in, I rarely use it.

Hi, all!

I would have answered sooner but it took a while to get approved here. 

I'm the chap who is making the Judge Death site referred to in the first post and just wanted to clear up a couple things that were mentioned in Marc's posts.  Sorry this is a bit of an epic post, it's just me getting the details out.  I'm not taking any of this personally, you all don't know me and the timing of the wiki thing looked bad so I get it.  We're all good.

Just to confirm, contrary to the first post I'm only doing a Judge Death site, I'm not going to be doing anything similar for other characters.  Although I do think I might do something similar based on the comic Scream! but I'm not sure yet.   

I'm not planning on doing any advertising as I imagine I'll be getting about ten visitors a year anyway.  :)
I am linking to the products on Amazon via affiliate linking but I'll be literally amazed if it makes 1p.

When it comes to the Wiki... bloody hell.  I noticed the Wiki had been redirected around Xmas.  I have no idea how Wikipedia works and so made an account on there on Dec 26th (I think) to basically moan about the Judge Death and Dark Judges wikis disappearing.  Because if ****ing Mick Hucknall gets a wiki then surely Judge Death should (although to be fair, Hucknall is more evil).

Anyway, trying to find out how to appeal the decision was basically impossible.  I ended up trying to remove the redirect at one point and found the guy who I thought was responsible (I think he was called Spartaz or something) and edited his own page with a message saying that they should reinstate the wiki.  None of that worked or helped in the slightest and it was all just a bit too baffling for me.

I actually had a link to the original wiki in my 'about' page as it was a good resource.  Mainly the bibliography which I was relying on quite a bit.  My page now has a link to the Wayback Machine archive of the page as well.  So it's definitely not wiki-vandalism on my part!
Also, see my tweet on the 28th of December before this all broke.  https://twitter.com/judgedeathfiles/status/1210933913079754752

As I've since said on my site, the site came about because I've been collecting the various appearances JD has made.  I've not got it all, but I must have over 70% of them either as progs, Megazines or collected volumes but I always found the timeline of these things a bit confusing and I realised that the wiki wasn't entirely complete and that Barney is just a bit messy.  So I just wanted it all in one place.  I barely ever look at the fan wiki stuff as that misses most of the stories.

My site does have spoilers on each story but that's because I want it to be like the Wiki but better.  The Wiki describes the story for the characters (to a point) but I wanted more info.  It's more for fans of the character to be able to keep up with all of his appearances.

I'm currently up to the late 90s about 25 out of 45 appearances logged.  Hopefully I'll get it finished before I die.

I hope that clears up any ambiguity about my motivations.  Happy to answer any questions and I hope to post on here a bit from now on.  Like I said, it's all good.  :)

Thanks, all!

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