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Rebellion is a Video Game Company, isn't it?

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I ask because I believed that when Rebellion bought over 2000AD, there would be a plethera of 2000AD-based games to come from this. To date, there has been only one - a better than average Judge Dredd game.
But why stop there? With all the many different 2000AD stories, why have the programmers at Rebellion not produced more inventive games for us?
I know that there is a Rogue Trooper game in the offing, but this is taking a long time to be made, and it won't be for the P.C. anyway. And what happened to the films that were to be made? These were promised, but never made either. It really is a great disappointment.
Saying this, I must also add that since Rebellion took over, there has been a Renaissance in the quality of stories in both 2000AD and the Megazine.
Am I asking for too much?

I imagine it's all to do with the fact that they can't afford to make all these things simultaneuously. Games can cost upwards of a million squid to make nowadays.


The Amstor Computer:
IIRC Rebellion were recently involved in World War Zero and some other title, and they're currently working on both Rogue Trooper and Sniper Elite. They aren't a particularly large company so it's not surprising we haven't seen many games - or 2000AD tie-in games - from them.

Funt Solo:
There's also the point that a 3-D shooter is only as good at the engine driving it.

Sure, Aliens vs. Predator was cutting edge when it came out, but by the time they'd got the Judge Dredd engine ready to go, they'd been utterly surpassed by Half-Life, HALO and a plethora of other games.

IMO, Rebellion simply can't keep up.  Unless they completely surprise me, I expect that any game that they'll produce in the near future will look old hat next to it's contemporaries on the shelf.

In fact, I see them as a comic production company now.

The standard seems to be serious 3D shooting games, but I'd be happy with some compilations of fun, silly 2000AD games, like Eye toy or Bomberman on battle mode, but then I'm a bit of a simpleton when it comes to these things.

I'd love a game where I was the judges and there were two blocks, either side of the screen, and the buggers were starting a block war and I had to stop it.  Block shields, riot foam, sonic cannons, judges, all sorts of fun.

If they could team up with Julian Gollop and make some Rebelstar/Laser Squad/UFO style games I'd be in seventh heaven.  Imagine having a game like that, turn based stuff, with a whole block to patrol against crime.

And for me, the fun aspect is something I'd quite like.  Entertaining and funny, with some imaginatuion in there.  Just like 2000AD.

Anyway, I hope Rogue's good (I hope I can play it!), but presumably it takes a LOT of man hours to get these games going, and they aren't the biggest company in the world, so they are probably doing quite well.  A shame I heard it won't be out soon, I was looking forward to it, and I've got the playstation for the moment, so I'd buy the game like a shot!


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