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Rebellion is a Video Game Company, isn't it?

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'I know that there is a Rogue Trooper game in the offing, but this is taking a long time to be made, and it won't be for the P.C. anyway'

Word on the streets is that Rogue Trooper may make it to the PC yet...(but dont hold your breath!)

Funt Solo:
PVS:  I heartily agree with you.  If you see the amount of relatively easy to produce games on the mobile phone, hand-held and Flash markets, it'd be great if Rebellion did exactly as you suggest, and start making low budget retro games with 2K characters.

Even space invaders with 2K characters descending instead of aliens would be a bit of a giggle, and I could code that in my sleep.

How about a version of Spy Hunter, but instead of a car/boat combo you could have a Helltrekker wagon or a Lawmaster?

Pac-man with a judge helmet for Pac and the 4 dark judges instead of ghosts.

A turn-based block war game would be cool as well, but how about an Apocalypse War game, where you can play Meg or Sov.  Send in the Sentenoids!  Activate the Radsweepers!  Distribute hypno-pamphlets!  Bring down Dan Tanna junction!

2000AD lends itself to so many potential genres when it comes to computer games...

Slaine as a hack and slash fantasy game (along the lines of The Bard's Tale,
Ace Trucking/Moonrunners in a trading game simulation
Strontium Dog in a seek and capture bounty hunter game, where you can choose which bounty to follow.
V.C.s in a Space vessel/space marines type of game (a cross between commandos and flight simulator)

etc, etc...

Rex Banner:
What about some more Judge Dredd fps?

The character graphics & engine is there already. Just change the storyline & backgrounds & sell it as an add-on.

I always thought Strontium Dog would be great in the style of Knights of The Old Republice kind of way.

Anychance of a comment from Rebellion as to their plans?

Funt Solo:
If you look closely at the JD FPS you realise it's a bag of missed opportunities.

Firstly, there is a distinct lack of logical gameplay.  I'll give two stand-out examples:

- In one level, there's a gang waiting in an underground warehouse.  You can either walk down the stairs into the warehouse, and they all see you and shoot at you, or you can jump down through a hole in a roof grating, at which point they all see you and shoot at you.  Your stumm grenades are useless because the perps are all situated too far away from the hole for such an attack to work.  If you have the element of surprise, you should be able to use it to your advantage in some way.  All this gave us was two avenues of approach, with no tactical advantage to either.

- The sniper scope.  IIRC this is on the lawrod, which you first get in the prison complex.  A complex which has a very tight layout and contains vampires:  very fast moving H-t-H combat monsters.  The sniper scope is no use whatsoever, practically anywhere in the game.  Why have a specialised weapon that has no tactical use?

It is an okay game, but alongside the likes of HALO and Half-Life, it's a poor cousin.

As for the supposed gameplay of arresting people, that was handled very badly.  There was a sort of token nod to arrest on the first level (smoking in public, creep!) but after that it was all hostages, allies or armed baddies.  Of course, there was nothing to stop you arresting every single cit on the first level.  If they weren't doing anything wrong it reverted to "loitering" or something.  I should have been arrested by other judges for wrongly arresting innocent cits.  It was pointless.

But then, it should be simple:  in HALO you just kill the enemy (usually getting from A to B).  Same thing in AvP and Half-Life.  Arresting people for smoking in public simply isn't much fun in a FPS.  

Hopefully Rogue Trooper with dispense with all the nonsense and just kick ass.


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