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The Amstor Computer:
I'm not going to be able to attend Dreddcon this year, and looking through the schedule it seems like I'm going to be missing a fair few great artists.

Is there any chance someone who is attending would be able to take along another sketchbook and grab a few sketches for me? I don't have much to offer in return, though I've got copies of The Filth and Persepolis II that are free to a good home, and I've got some other comic odds & ends that you'd be welcome to.

Thanks in advance!

heh, and a third for me- I want to add to my collection of Rogue Trooper images.

Matt Timson:
Fucking hell- I can't even be arsed to queue up for my own benefit- never mind yours!


but then YOU CAN draw...

... will you do it for me now Mr T?

.. will you do it for me now Mr T?

You ain't gettin' him in no queue, sucka. ;)


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