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Dreddcon requests...

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I'll bring a few B&Bs with me... stop me and buy one.

Ahh...B&B...Gary I re-read this night before last...I'd recommend it as well...

Soalr WInd won't bere there, though there will hopefully be a set of Solar Wind/Sunny and Big War along with Omnivistascope arrving for the Shedcon Raffle.

I'll be having a mini-sale throughout October and November on the website, which will see all of my comics at ?3, with postage at 50p a comic.  Which should add up to some sort of saving.


PaulLink: Solar Wind

And yet again...All of PVS's stuff gets a thumbs up and is worth looking at.  Omnivistascope get's two thumbs actually due to the format as well as the content...

Artificial Idiot:
Bolt: I'll take whatever's going. It's Dreddcon fer gruds sake! If yer can't go a little crazy at Dreddcon...

Although, I'm only going to be there for the day it's self. I hope that isn't a problem for you.


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