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I was planning on going to this years Dreddcon but due to family committments cannot make it. There were a few questions that I wanted answers to and would be grateful if other boarders could submit these questions and feedback on the board. If anybody else cannot make it and also has questions, why not post them here. I'll be back on Monday to see if there are any answers.

Here are the questions.

(1) When is Nikolai Dante coming back?
(2) Will they be commissioning Simon Fraser to do anymore Dante? I know he would like to and I'm sure we all want to see him back. He is the definitive Dante artist after all.
(3) I know it's early days yet but any updates on the Button Man movie?
(4) I saw the comics/to film thread on this board and that news story is over 12 months old. Is there any news on the Silvio Astarita/I Am The Law Productions Judge Dredd movie. i.e have they finished the script yet?
(5) Why should'nt you eat yellow snow?

I will look forward to seeing what you guys can find out.

Many thanks - Tarantino

well, there's some intersting posers there, I'm happy to put some or all of them to Tharg should I get the chance, but here's my provisional guess as to the answers:

1) soonish, I'd guess.
2) Mr Fraser's most recent postings on this board make it pretty clear that for various reasons he's almost certainly not going to be drawing Dante in the foreseeable future.
3) I suspect this a question for John Wagner rather than Tharg, but I'd imagine in the wake of the generally positive response to HoV that it's promising.
4) I suspect the answer's "oh, god, please don't mention that" but this is potentially the most interesting question to ask, so I'll definitely be posing that one if I get a chance.
5) because Frank says so.

can I play too?

(1) Can we have some more Siku art please?
(2) If I organised a Melbourne Dreddcon, would anyone come?
(3) How about bringing back the Balls Brothers, Canon Fodder, Witchworld, Carver Hale........
(4) Thanks for all the nice progs

Funt Solo:
(1) How about bringing back the Balls Brothers, Canon Fodder and Carver Hale, but only in the form of single-page one-offs in which we see how the characters die (forever, with no chance of resurrection).

(2) What are the sales figures for 2K and the Meg?

(3) Why don't we get Star Pin-Ups (or their equivalent) anymore?

1. Isn't it time for a return for Big Dave?
2. Hints on the new talent that will be showcasing in the 'New Talent' issue at the end of the year.
3. How Tharg goes about getting the 'balance' of a prog right, or is it plain old luck...recently it's been spot on in my opinion.


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