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Brighton Comic Expo - November - Indie Thread

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Richmond Clements:
And I had to get them to start an all new title to try and get a script drawn!

Byron Virgo:
Jesus, way to kill the publicity, Rich!

Well, in FQ #5 you see strips the likes of:

-Dial H for Huitzipocholi by Al Ewing and Mike Molchester

-Domestic Bliss by Arthur Wyatt and Simon Penter

-Underground Workers by Martin Gooch and Vicky Stonebridge

And probably some other stuff too - what do I look like, Marvo the Memory Man?

Funt Solo:
I thought Harry Harrison was dead.  Tsch.

No, don't worry...we're not 'channeling' him like the guy on X-Factor with John Lennon on his cassette player...

Byron Virgo:
Less Lennon, more sellin'!


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