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how to find me at dreddcon 6

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judge dreddd:
look for a short balding bloke with a dredd polo top and grey fleece

come over and say 'hey, arent you judge dreddd'

because i never know who anyone is, as i only know you from the board !!!!

Artificial Idiot:
It's a bit late in the day to be posting a thread like this, considering most of 'em will probably be at the Shed/in their respective hotels!

But yeah, I'll be the nervous looking Waster (as Connexus quite right put it) in all green most likely...

judge dreddd:
just in case, i will recognise natsan but unsure who else, i had a throat infection last year and my memory for faces/names is bad at the best of times

Check through the photos posted on this site to find what everybody looks like

judge dreddd:
noooooooooo, you dont understand, they must come up to me and say 'hey, arent you judge dredd ?'

and i can say 'yea, how did you recognise me without the helmet eh '


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