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Was there a charity deck at Bristol this year?

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If so, anyone got any pics from the deck?

Nope,no charity deck of cards as the festival is no longer done by Kev.

Carlsborg Expert:
Bart did a bunch,I dont know what hes done with them though.

Unfinished business perhaps.

Pity about the no deck thing. Quite enjoyed that.

I think Dez Skin missed an opportunity there.

The charity deck event would have generated good publicity for the event and it's a chance to get a look at artists having a crack at characters they normally wouldn't do.

Perhaps next year.

Carlsborg Expert:
Yeah well we all contributed to these ones and they are good enough to go fow a few quid. Its a mixture of talented  artists all done at the convention.There wasnt enough time to go round all of the legends so up and aspiring artists contributed. Some bringing a massive business potential to them. So far.
But Barts a busy man and he holds of the cards for real special occasians while he works on the charity he would best negotiate his time with.

Maybe it was just for his own indulgence though. I dunno, I always think people think they are wasting their time on me.Or I think they are. Especially when Im constantly drunk when I am out with them over short while.

He hasnt mentioned anything since and I have since got the idea he may have lost them. And we'll (all who contributed) all call him goon.Which he wont want. because he said he'd do it at least at some point after a few more conventions.

My biggest concern is that theres been no show at Dreddconvi. His cards didnt and nor did he.


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