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Come and fight zombies.

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My first day went quite well I thought. Shot a zombie dead, Shot a player Zombie who was much stronger than me so legged it, Said hi to a fellow player and am now hiding out in a junkyard.

You have a gun? Blimey. I had a mobile but I lost it.

Richmond Clements:
Somebody alreay has the name of the character from the zombie story I had in TEiN, Diana Spencer. So I went for the next logical choice: Sarah Ferguson.
See you on the streets!

let my cold dead zombie lips give you a big sloppy kiss Fergy...!!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

PS - Bad Homer...where's the zombie would love to say hello...

LOL.There's 3 in North Blytheville and I'm asleep in one of them.  

Come and have a go if you think your hungry enough!


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